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State-of-the-art liquid mixing and gas dispersion solutions

The ISO-MIX mixing technology is based on the well-proven rotary jet-head technology in an innovative design, which offers unmatched efficiency and convincing benefits to process industries.

ISO-MIX develops, manufactures and globally markets equipment and systems for the treatment of fluids involved in all types of liquid mixing and powder mixing and gas dispersion processes, using the rotary jet head technology, add to this easy tank cleaning. We also provide turn key mixing solutions. Please read more about the ISO-MIX technology and our products.

"The advantages of using the rotary jet head mixing system in the food industry is clear"
Professor Alvin W. Nienow from University of Birmingham, who is internationally recognized for his work concerning mixing, has become aware of the advantages of the ISO-MIX technology. "At anything except the smallest scale, it is very difficult to achieve good mixing by the use of rotating stirrers without introducing baffles, vertical strips placed in the vessel to prevent gross swirling, known as vortexing, of the liquids. However, if cleaning-in-place is required, such baffles make the job very difficult. With the ISO-MIX rotary jet head mixing system baffles are not used and good mixing without vortexing is achieved. They are also ideal for cleaning-in-place since they were developed for mixing from that original area of application and indeed have been extensively used in the food industry for that purpose.", he says and concludes: "The advantages of using the rotary jet head mixing system in the food and related industries, where good mixing with easy and effective cleaning-in-place is required, is clear."

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