The Advantages Of Using Rotary Lobe Pumps

The Advantages Of Using Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rotary lobe pumps (RLPs) are precision engineered in concordance with the hygienic sector for a characteristic smooth, low shear, low pulsation pumping action, while saving you water, lost material, time and energy. Low pulsation while running allows RLPs to handle liquid produce gently at a range of viscosities and densities.

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Rotary lobe pumps are used wherever medium to high viscosity liquid needs to be moved between inlets, storage, processors, and finishing tanks. Using low-speed rotors, the pumps keep your fluid process moving consistently and smoothly.

Semi-Solid Flow Processing

If you’re processing large volumes of product with particles (e.g. solid fruit in yoghurt or syrup, herbs in sauces), the rotary lobe pump is ideal. The broad-sweep design of the lobes and low clearance to pump casing prevents the build-up of product residue. RLPs are the first choice for producing mixed-material, high-viscosity food and drink, dairy product applications in particular.

Continuous Discharge Capability

Rotary pumps keep churning away constantly. They don’t need extensive breaks, switches, or downtime. Timed-gear revolutions keep the flow moving in and out at a steady, constant level. Rotary lobe action offers a continuous flow of product with minimal pulsation. Pulsation limitation prevents excess in-work noise, and provides a smoother flow of liquid through the pump.

Supply and delivery

The SRU range is available with twelve different pump head displacements, flow rates up to 106 m³/h, differential pressures up to 20 bar, temperatures up to 200°C and port sizes from 25 to 150 mm in diameter.

Rotary Lobe Pumps From Industrial Trading Solutions

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