Alfa Laval Rotary Lobe Pumps: Applications

Alfa Laval Rotary Lobe Pumps

Alfa Laval specialise in efficient and cost-effective rotary lobe pumps for the food, drink, dairy, and pharmaceutical sectors. They’re used worldwide in facilities where high-cleanability, low-shear gearing, and fast high-viscosity flow handling are crucial to success.

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Alfa Laval’s four main lobe product lines tackle three distinct yet similar tasks, and all pumps are scalable to the size and capacity each factory needs. A low shear gear shaft in all models gives lobe pumps a low collision rate while still providing an excellent push, helping keep your soluble mixes fully intact between processes.

Milk, cheese, and yoghurt makers all rely on rotary lobe engines – the revolving, wide-spread lobes helping prevent excess product retention. With proven accreditation from the EHEDS, FDA, and 3A, Alfa Laval pumps are a reliable investment in a wide range of applications.

Optilobe And SRU Series

The Optilobe and SRU series are Alfa Laval’s most adaptable and versatile pumps, compatible with a wide range of applications. The wide-brush lobe construction and stainless steel interiors prevent clogs and dangerous growths. All are fully compatible with pipeline wash cycles.

  • The entry-level OptiLobe series provide small-scale, affordable pumping in food and drink production.
  • The more powerful SRU series is perfect for medium and heavy-duty applications in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

SX And SX Ultrapure Series

Alfa Laval’s top-of-the-line SX and SX UltraPure pumps provide super-clean, smooth throughflow for the most demanding biomedical and chemical engineering applications.

  • SX UltraPure pumps are ideally suited to lab work, clean fluid transfer, and medication fabrication. The series provides stable, secure, dependable metalwork and a constant flow that can deal with dense particulate viscosity, alongside world-leading standards of cleanliness. These properties also make the SX Ultrapure series useful for building into biofuel feeder pumps for engines, processors, and transfer pipes.
  • The SX series provide excellent control, cleanliness, and reliability, making them the pumps of choice for chemical processing businesses. The anti-bacterial design of SX Pumps also makes them fantastic options for high-viscosity food and drink and raw material processing.

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