Alfa Laval Scandi Brew Agitators

Proper handling of yeast between fermentation processes is critical to beer quality and yield 🍺.

Alfa Laval Scandi Brew Agitator conditions the yeast to obtain homogenous slurries with uniform temperature and consistency.

Its modular, low-maintenance design makes it easy to tailor to tank requirements, is easy to clean, and contributes to more uptime and higher productivity and yield. The yeast tank mixer is available in two versions from Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd:

🔹 ALT-SB-15 agitator for small to medium-sized tanks (5 to 50 hl):  Product Leaflet

🔹 ALTB-SB-35 agitator for large tanks (50 to 300 hl, depending on the physical dimensions): Product Leaflet

👉 Visit the ITS website for more information:

Top & Bottom Mounted Agitator Type ALTB

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