Cost-Effective Alfa Laval Pumps: Introducing The OptiLobe Series

Cost Effective Alfa Laval Pumps Introducing The OptiLobe Series

If you’re looking for a compact, cost-effective industrial rotary lobe pump, Alfa Laval’s OptiLobe series is one of the best lines out there. OptiLobes are Alfa Laval’s ‘standard duty’, smaller liquid pumps, aimed exclusively at the food production industry. As an alternative to Alfa’s high-end SRU and SX series, OptiLobe models are ideal for less demanding interstitial (e.g. accelerant pumping and clean cycles) applications. They’re used to move liquid and chemicals in process between machines and tanks at a gentle, constant flow. OptiLobes can also run secondary injection processes (i.e. clean water).

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How Do They Do It?

OptiLobe units use compact, revolving chambers and their interior ‘lobes’ to gently pump through medium and high-viscosity foodstuffs. Lobes allow them to handle solid-liquid particulate mixes (e.g. soft cheese) easily. Although not as resistant as the more expensive Alfa Laval models, OptiLobes are easy-to-install, easy-to-run, easy-to-maintain, and easy-to-clean. They’re an affordable entry-level pump for small to medium factories, and offer a great ROI.

OptiLobe models come in a scale of sizes to fit most small-to-medium pipelines and tanks. You can match different rotary lobe pumps to an enormous range of applications. Crucially, their stainless-steel interiors and lack of ridged parts prevent unpleasant build-ups, growths, and jams. For this reason, they’re fully FDA (USA) and EHEDG (Europe) certified for processing sensitive materials for human consumption. They’re rated safe for use with all detergent and clean water flush/cleaning cycles, too.

OptiLobes pack a lot of power and resilience into their small footprints. A maximum flow rate of 48 m³/h and heavy 8-bar pressurisation allow OptiLobes to process dense substances that might gum up other delicate machinery. High durability, cleanability, and the ability to safely dry run, minimise the risk of breakdowns and faults.

EasyFit Seals

One advantage of using OptiLobes in your production chain is that every pump comes supplied with an EasyFit seal. EasyFit front-loaders allow quick additions and alterations, saving you from having to disassemble or redesign your entire production line. They also allow for easy inspections, maintenance, and quick replacements, saving you downtime, money, and energy.

OptiLobe Pumps From Industrial Trading Solutions (ITS)

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