Other Weighing Modules

ATEX / IECEx Certified Power Supply 4051A Type Interface Description
ATEX / IECEx Certified Power Supply 4051A 4051A ATEX / IECEx power supply ATEX and IECEx certified (zone 1, 2, 21, 22) power supply type 4051A used for supplying 4XXXA interface modules when used in ATEX / IECEx rated applications. The 4051A power supply and 4XXXA interface module must be installed in safe area i.e. outside the ATEX zone
OEM Weighing Board 5008OEM Type Interface Description
OEM Weighing Board 5008OEM 5008OEM RS485, EtherNet, EtherCAT (pending) OEM weighing board for interfacing up to 8 digital load cells to PLCs, PCs etc. This weighing board is developed for OEM use and can be equipped with customized protocols
Load Cell Module MCE2010 Type Interface Description
Load Cell Module MCE2010 MCE2010 Eilersen RS485 load cell bus The load cell module type MCE2010 interfaces digital non-ATEX load cells to Eilersen weighing terminals and interface modules for communication to PLCs, PCs etc . The module MCE2010 replaces module MCE9610.
Terminal Module MCE9601 Type Interface Description
Terminal Module MCE9601 MCE9601 24Vdc supply and Eilersen RS485 load cell bus Connection between Eilersen RS485 load cell bus at one side and 24Vdc Power Supply and Eilersen digital weighing terminals on the other side
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