What Is Sustainable IBC Cleaning

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) cleaning has the potential to be damaging to the environment. High velocity cleaning often means high water and energy consumption, the use of chemicals that may seep through the earth into underground water courses, and a regrettable volume of wasted water. A sustainable approach to IBC cleaning not only boosts your business’s profit margins by reducing water and energy consumption, but it also reinforces your brand’s green credentials – an asset in any crowded marketplace.

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Industrial Bulk Container (IBC) tanks are widely used in breweries, drink production plants, dairies and other manufacturing settings, to store liquids, ingredients, cleaning chemicals, sterilised water and waste products. As heavy duty, reusable tanks, IBCs can quickly become soiled and risk becoming a haven for microbiological contaminants. Regular cleaning is therefore essential to retain the hygiene of the tanks and avoid product spoilage. Cleaning can also be a time-consuming, expensive and wasteful process, unless the right technique and equipment is used. This article is a quick guide on how to clean out an IBC Tank, without using excess water, employee time, and energy.

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