Cost Effective Alfa Laval Pumps Introducing The OptiLobe Series

If you’re looking for a compact, cost-effective industrial rotary lobe pump, Alfa Laval’s OptiLobe series is one of the best lines out there. OptiLobes are Alfa Laval’s ‘standard duty’, smaller liquid pumps, aimed exclusively at the food production industry. As an alternative to Alfa’s high-end SRU and SX series, OptiLobe models are ideal for less demanding interstitial (e.g. accelerant pumping and clean cycles) applications. They’re used to move liquid and chemicals in process between machines and tanks at a gentle, constant flow. OptiLobes can also run secondary injection processes (i.e. clean water).

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Dairy Pumps

Cleanliness, reliability, a diverse range of processes, and efficiency are all vital to success if you’re working with dairy products. At every stage of the dairy produce life cycle, you’ll want to make sure your production line is flowing and churning at peak efficiency to create excellent products, prevent bacterial build-ups, and optimise output. Delivering safe, smooth, tasty milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, and butter depends on it.

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