The Advantages Of Using Rotary Lobe Pumps

The Advantages Of Using Rotary Lobe Pumps

Rotary lobe pumps (RLPs) are great for improving the strength and speed of your industrial processing, flush, and cleaning cycles while saving you water, lost material, time, energy, and effort. Slow pulsation and a slow-brush construction allow RLPs to handle liquid produce gently at almost any viscosity and density.

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As a pipeline-friendly, inline propelling turbine house, rotary lobe engines are used wherever dense, liquid needs to be moved between inlets, storage, processors, and finishing tanks. Using a low-speed, revolving lobe array, the pumps keep your fluid produce moving consistently and smoothly.

Semi-Solid Flow Processing

If you’re processing large volumes of liquid with particles in (e.g. fruit in syrup, cherries), the forceful push provided by rotary lobes is ideal. The broad-sweep, contactless design of the lobes stops any build-up of foodstuff. Strong motion makes rotary lobes the first choice for producing mixed-material, high-viscosity food and drink – particularly dairy products. Difficult-to-work materials such as paper, rubber, plastic, and paper pulp also benefit from lobes.

Continuous Discharge Capability

Rotary pumps keep churning away constantly. They don’t need extensive breaks, switches, or downtime. Clockwork, timed-gear revolutions keep the flow moving in and out at a steady, constant level. Rotary lobe action offers a continuous flow of product with minimal pulsation. Pulsation limitation prevents excess in-work noise, and provides a smoother flow of liquid through the pump.

Safe Dry Runs

RLPs can safely run without any liquid inside. Dry running can dislodge blockages, clean moving parts, and empty the chamber between cycles. It also helps prevent breakdowns if there’s a pipeline or flow fault.

Energy-Saving Kinetic Motion

Once started, inline RLPs minimise their energy usage by leaning into the natural kinetic flow, making them more effective and less expensive to run than pressurised pumps.

Rotary Lobe Pumps From Industrial Trading Solutions

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