The Importance Of Planned IBC Maintenance And Keeping Stock Of Genuine Parts

IBC (industrial bulk container) tanks are commonly used in manufacturing plants where product quality and safety are of the utmost importance, such as in the production of drinks and dairy products, or in settings where liquids, such as cleaning chemicals, fuels or sterilised water, need to be stored. Like many reusable tanks, IBCs can become soiled and parts degrade over time, so maintenance and cleaning are essential to keep the system safe, operational, and hygienic.

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Why Is Planned IBC Maintenance Important?

Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping your IBC doesn’t develop a problem, planned maintenance can reduce unforeseen downtime and deliver continuous reliable service.

Planned Maintenance Is Always More Cost-Effective

With a programme of planned maintenance, downtime can be reduced to the bare minimum, while unforeseen problems can be spotted before they become serious. It’s easier to plan for downtime that you know is going to happen, than to minimise disruption and chaos when the IBC has to be taken out of service without notice.

IBC Cleaning Helps Maintain Efficient Performance

The various products stored in IBC tanks can quickly cause a build-up of residues that can affect system performance or jeopardise product quality. Regular maintenance can ensure that your totes are thoroughly cleaned, eradicating accumulations of food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or hazardous waste. Instead of relying on time-consuming cleaning methods such as washing by hand, why not invest in the Alfa Laval Gamajet Wash Station, for fast and effective cleaning of your totes?

IBC Maintenance Helps You Meet Your Legal Obligations

If you store hazardous liquids in your IBCs, you’ll need to prove their safety through periodic safety inspections and tests. Planned maintenance will ensure that your IBCs are kept in safe, working condition, enabling them to undergo scrutiny without safety concerns.

Why You Should Keep A Stock Of Genuine Parts For Your IBC

Unforeseen downtime is never ideal as, with equipment out of action, the whole production line can grind to a halt. Lost time means lost revenue as orders are difficult to meet within your usual timescales.

Therefore, maintaining a stock of parts for your IBC, such as seals, valves, and washers, can prevent a minor problem from becoming a catastrophe. Replacement of the affected component can be carried out swiftly so that your IBC can be returned to use, eliminating the need to order a new part from a supplier which you’ll then have to wait for. Also, if an emerging problem is discovered during maintenance, the component can be replaced on the spot, eradicating the need for separate downtime later.

Genuine parts always win over cheaper alternatives. With a genuine part, you’re assured of product quality, so can be confident that the component will offer the longevity and durability needed to keep your IBC in optimal working order. Also, genuine parts are guaranteed to work with your IBC, whereas cheaper components that advertise their compatibility may turn out not to deliver as they claim.

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At Industrial Trading Solutions, we stock a range of reliable, genuine parts for your IBC tank, as well as cost-effective cleaning equipment to keep your totes in clean, operational condition. For more information, simply browse our website or get in touch with one of our experts.

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