4 Green Technologies To Reduce Your Water And Power Consumption AND Boost Product Recovery

4 Green Technologies To Reduce Your Water And Power Consumption AND Boost Product Recovery

The effects of climate change are being observed and experienced more frequently than ever before, with extreme weather events now a common occurrence in every region of the world, including the UK. Consequently, it’s important that businesses pursue a policy of sustainability which, in part, can be achieved by implementing so-called green technologies. It’s a difficult balancing act: consumers actively seek out businesses who can demonstrate their environmentally friendly credentials yet, at the same time, you need to keep production costs to a minimum.

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At ITS, we understand the challenge and have developed an extensive range of green technologies that can help you save on water and energy while boosting product recovery. Many of our products can be retrospectively fitted to your production plant, increasing the monetary value of each production run. Not only will your business be able to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, but it will also reduce its costs and increase profits.

Our Green Technologies:

At ITS, our green technologies include:

1) LKH centrifugal pumps: These are designed to meet the hygiene requirements of the personal care, dairy, food, and beverage manufacturing industries, while providing high efficiency and gentle product handling. By installing the correctly sized pump, you can cut your business’s energy consumption by up to 50%!

2) Alfa Laval Burst cleaning technology: Designed specifically for hygienic applications, Alfa Laval Burst technology delivers exceptional cleaning by enabling fast chemical wetting of tanks to reduce cleaning time and water consumption. Water and CIP fluid savings of up to 70% can be achieved.

3) Eccentric Disc Pumps: Up to 90% product recovery rates can be achieved, without a pigging system, while minimising water and energy consumption. Eccentric Disc Pumps are leak-free, thereby reducing maintenance time, and use CIP capability to deliver flushing and cleaning without disassembly.

4) Pigging systems: With waste reduction, lower water consumption, less chemical usage, and reduced transport costs, pigging systems are highly effective in delivering sustainability to manufacturing industries. As virtually all residual product is recovered from pipelines, your business’s product yield is increased, so the initial outlay is rewarded with increased profits for many years.

Sustainable Technology Solutions From ITS

At ITS, we’re committed to sustainable solutions and have gone the extra mile to reduce our impact on the environment. We’ve earned the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification, have switched to low energy lighting in our premises, and use only 100% recyclable packaging and carbon neutral shipping to deliver our products to our customers.

If you want your business to be part of the green revolution, slashing your water and energy consumption while achieving optimum product recovery, get in touch with ITS on 01675 461 191, or contact us here and our specialists will be delighted to help.

Image source: Unsplash