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Climate change and sustainable development are critical global issues facing us today. As an industry leading Hygienic Flow Equipment Specialist, ITS has a key responsibility to adhere to frameworks to respond to these and other global challenges and help create more sustainable society.

ITS offers a wide range of sustainable products and process solutions to help you save on water, energy and waste product throughout your hygienic processes. Our energy saving products can easily be retrofitted to your plant, reducing your energy consumption costs while maintaining process efficiency.

Our Green Initiatives:

  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification
  • In the last year we’ve made the switch to 100% recyclable packaging – recyclable boxes, labels, BoxFill paper voidfill, and Biodegradable Loosefill.
  • We’ve gone the extra mile – every shipment we send is now part of the UPS Carbon Neutral shipment scheme.
  • We’ve switched to low energy LED lighting both in offices and warehouse (70% reduction in the warehouse alone)

Our Green Technologies:

  • LKH Centrifugal Pumps – Correctly sized pumps can reduce your power consumption by 50%
  • Up to 90% water/CIP fluid savings from Alfa Laval Burst cleaning technologies and reduced cleaning times
  • Eccentric Disc Pump – Up to 90% product recovery without pigging system!

Download our Sustainability Brochure to find out more…