Weigh Up The Benefits For Your Processing Facility

Weigh up the benefits for your processing facility, with patented capacitive weighing technology.

Capacitive technology developed by Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S is patented worldwide and is applied into their current range of high quality, robust industrial sensors, now available from Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd. The range includes:

* Digital Load Cells

* Load Cells (Weighing Modules)

* Scales

* Digital Weighing Indicators

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Featuring a number of advantages compared to other technologies used in transducers for measuring force and weight, capacitive technology gives high accuracy (up to 99.99%), outstanding reliability, simple mechanical and electrical installation, and minimal maintenance for use in tough and demanding industrial applications.

Produced in stainless steel and hermetically sealed to IP68 by laser welding, load cells are available in capacities up to 500 tons with a broad range of instrumentation.

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