Alfa Laval Hygienic Line Heat Exchangers – From ITS

H-Line Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers – from ITS

Food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other manufacturers who demand outstanding performance and total efficiency can now utilise a line of premium plate heat exchangers developed explicitly for hygienic applications, manufactured by Alfa Laval.

Let’s explore the features that can help you achieve unparalleled hygienic performance:

✅ EquiFlow™️ – optimises media flow, enabling uniform heat treatment with minimal fouling.

✅ SmoothPort™️ – streamlined to prevent build-up and maximise cleanability and drainability.

✅ CleanChannel™️ – facilitates the removal of particles during cleaning, securing the highest hygiene standards.

Available from ITS – Alfa Laval Master Distributors in the UK – The Alfa Laval Hygienic line raises the bar on hygiene overall, while reducing the carbon footprint.

Read more about the H-Line Heat Exchangers on our website 👉

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