Clean your IBC’s in under 3 Minutes!

The NEW ITSClean Range has been put together to make cleaning your IBC fast, easy and economical.
Our Options ensure a fully hygienic clean so that you can use your totes again and again, whilst offering a solution that won’t break the bank.
• ITSClean Essential – a basic and cost effective solution with no compromises on the clean or savings.
• ITSClean Ultimate – For when you need the added power of a pump but still want a mobile unit that provides flexibility and a great clean every time.
• ITSClean Supreme – COMING SOON – The full package, including heating and frame options for a complete but value for money cleaning system.
Visit our website for more information: or contact the ITS Technical Sales team to discuss your requirements 01675 465191 / [email protected]
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Mouvex, a PSG brand Pump Training

Exciting news! Three of our employees recently completed a comprehensive pump training course at Mouvex pumps in Auxerre. This training covered a range of topics including hydraulic pump principles, eccentric disc technology overview, product recovery, CIP, and training on the bespoke pump selection software.

Tamsin Smith, Praveen Perinpanathan and Safeer Hussain BEng had the opportunity to tour the Mouvex plant and gain hands-on experience with their state-of-the art equipment. The training has further equipped our employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions about pump selection and maintenance.

We are proud to have invested in the professional development of our team and are confident that the skills they have acquired will benefit ITS as a company and our clients.

Congratulations to our team members for their successful completion of the pump training course!


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Lovely to visit BeerX in Liverpool this week and strengthen some of the invaluable relationships ITS have with those in the brewing industry.

Thank you to BFBI for hosting a great social event at the Pump House Albert Dock Liverpool and to Christeyns for the ‘always’ amazing company and entertainment you provide 🙂

Andrew Jeans, Liza Lavender, Jessica Moyle, Ian Molesworth, Chris Bayliss

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Keofitt sampling valves are designed to enable an acute extraction of liquid, to be safely tested from a larger stream of liquid for a thorough inspection.

Keoffit’s wide variety of sterile sampling valves and cleaning units are credible for delivering the optimal solution, which ensures the best quality of liquid processing – meeting standard requirements for both production and consumer.

You can find all Keofitt sampling equipment on our online store, ITS Lite.

Take a look:

Monitor the quality of your CIP cleaning with Anderson-Negele instrumentation and reduce CIP time, optimise the flow, while keeping the cleaning agent concentration at the perfect level.

With a range of conductivity, turbidity, flow and pressure solutions available from ITS, you can be sure of dependable and repeatable CIP quality at every flush through.

Read more here:

CIP Control

Contact ITS – 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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The capacitive technology used in Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S load cells ensures a very simple and hygienic mechanical installation. With no need for mounting kits or stay rods, the load cells are easy to clean, making them the perfect weighing solution for food, pharma, and biotech applications.

Eilersen process weighing solutions are available from Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd – learn more about the product range here:

Contact ITS – 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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Thanks to the BFBI and those we sat with from Bank Top Brewery and Christeyns during the Northern Section Luncheon at The Edwardian Manchester, A Radisson Collection Hotel…, for a great day yesterday.
Always lovely and insightful to speak with people from across the industry and make some new friends along the way.
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Another Exclusive ITS Lite Offer!

Take an additional 10% off Alfa Laval V50 and V70 ThinkTop’s only on ITS Lite.

The Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 and V70 are the second generation of the leading sensing and control units for hygienic valves. It ensures unmatched control of all Alfa Laval Valves used in the Dairy, Food, Beverage, Brewery and Pharmaceutical industries

Shop ITS Lite today: Sensing and Control Units – Automation – Products (

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ITS Motivation Quotation – March 2023

Now more than ever, manufacturing facilities are looking for ways to make changes for the better. Whether it’s cost savings, environmental or sustainability initiatives, process improvements for higher efficiency, larger yields or less waste, we are all looking at moving forward and this inevitably means doing things differently.

ITS select the best manufacturers from around the world to ensure that when you are ready to make changes or upgrades to your process equipment, it’s the right one for your facility.

With an extensive portfolio of reliable equipment and trusted brands, ITS support you with our unrivalled hygienic process knowledge and technical know-how to make implementing modifications easy.

See the brands and equipment we have available:

Speak with one of our technical sales team today: 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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What has ITS been up to this month? Take a look at February’s ITS Flow Time Newsletter:
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Simple and compact on/off control with built-in timer function for Auto-line self-cleaning filters. The controller is designed with two operating options either continuous operation or timer controlled, with easy adjustment.
There is a built in timer for drain, which gives the ability to set the drain interval to fit your requirements. The controller also provides high reliability and secure operation. The sturdy construction of the cabinet is well suited for placement in hygienic and industrial environments.
• Built-in timer function
• Easy maintenance
• High reliability
• Alarm display
Visit our website for more information:
or contact ITS on 01675 465191 / [email protected]
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From Pumps to Valves, Mixers and Filtration through to Project Management, Sustainability Audits, Servicing and Maintenance – Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd deliver the solutions you need for your hygienic processing facility, whilst providing excellence in technical capabilities and customer service. You can even order what you need from our online shop, ITS Lite!

Why go anywhere else? 😀

Take a look at our portfolio of products and services –

Visit our website – or contact us – 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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Baking up a meringue! 👩‍🍳

Well done to Tracy Buckingham (ITS Business Development Manager) for winning the 2023 ITS Bake-Off > Pastry Edition, with her incredible mini lemon meringue pies.🏆 😀 👏

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On Pancake Day, trust Daniatech mixers to produce the perfect batter.

Understanding the product is essential, particularly when creating the perfect mix, and in the world of pancakes with varieties ranging from American pancakes to savoury and sweet pancakes, you want to be sure that your mixing equipment is up to the challenge.

With the two Daniatech 1000L mixers shown in our video – it is easy for customers to switch between products. Working as batch mixers, these VacuumMasters are equipped with powder funnels, high shear ShearMaster and a scraper agitator.

Interested in more information – visit the ITS website and take a look at our trusted range of Daniatech mixers:

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Liag ARC Valves are 2 and 3 way (4 way available on request) Full Bore piggable valves. Used in Pigging systems and other Full Bore installations requiring a hygienic solution, they are fully CIP’able with no dead pockets.

The 3 way valves are available in 90 degree and 120 degree port configuration with the 120 degree valve being fully piggable in all directions.

The valves are EHEDG approved, and are available in 1” through to 6” and DN25 – DN150, with a maximum pressure of 20 bar when using the Tecapeek Shutter.

Heating caps are available for use in jacketing systems to prevent products from cooling and solidifying within the valve, plus they can be used in metal detecting systems to dump product into a reject bin when metal is detected in the process.

Modifications throughout the years have been made for specialised requirements such as a Venturi Valve which is used for adding powders into mixing systems, and recently an Easy Open Valve has been designed which has proved particularly useful in the meat industry for easy access.

Heating caps are available for use in jacketing systems to prevent products from cooling and solidifying within the valve, plus they can be used in metal detecting systems to dump product into a reject bin when metal is detected in the process.

Modifications throughout the years have been made for specialised requirements such as a Venturi Valve which is used for adding powders into mixing systems, and recently an Easy Open Valve has been designed which has proved particularly useful in the meat industry for easy access.

ITS deliver solutions from trusted manufacturers around the world, coupled with our technical expertise and project management capabilities, you can come to us and be sure of an excellent service and product.

See more about the Liag Valves range here:

Visit the ITS Website:

Contact Us:

Find out more in our ITS Product Showcase, where Nick Willetts (ITS Technical Sales and Specialist Project Manager) talks about the Alfa Laval Contherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger in more detail:

Welcome to another ITS product showcase for the Alfa Laval Contherm range of scraped surface heat exchangers.

In most hygienic processes customers will typically use either a Gasketed plate and frame or a Shell and Tube style heat exchanger for their heating and cooling duties. These technologies are great at handling low to medium viscosity products, products which aren’t sticky or burn on or products without particulates.

However, when your product is sticky or has tendencies to burn, has a high viscosity or has particulates which need to be kept intact the Alfa Laval Contherm range is a perfect solution where other technologies wouldn’t suit.

The Contherm brand is a range of scraped surface heat exchangers. These work in a similar way to Shell and tube heat exchanger technology whereby they have an inner tube and an outer shell section where 2 opposing medias flow through to provide the fluid heat transfer. In Shell and tube units the inner tube is often small in diameter and is grouped in multiple bundles of tubes which provides efficient heat transfer but is not suited for high viscosity products or particles. In scraped surface heat exchangers the inner tube, which would typically hold the product, is much larger in diameter to protect particulates against damage and to prevent excessive pressure drops occurring with high viscosity medias.

The larger diameter inner tube does however make heat transfer less efficient due to the small amount of surface area in contact with the product. To improve these efficiency losses scraped surface heat exchangers are designed and fitted with an internal slowly rotating shaft with multiple scrapper blades. These scrapper blades are in contact with the inner tube’s walls and as they rotate, they move and agitate the fluid. This agitation helps generate a more even heat transfer improving the efficiency by mixing the product whilst still maintaining particle integrity and minimising pressure drops.

Additionally, the scraper blades can be used for sticky products or products which have tendencies to burn onto the walls of units as they help remove any residue from the outer tube wall and keeps the product circulating preventing a build up of media and preventing burn on.

There are 5 products available in the Contherm range: Contherm, Contherm HP, Contherm Core, Contherm Max and ConVap. The Standard Contherm is a vertically mounted unit and is the most common solution in the Contherm range. The Contherm HP and Contherm Core are horizontally mounted table solutions similar to the standard Contherm design but with the difference being Contherm HP is suitable for higher viscosity and higher-pressure applications whilst Contherm core is suited for medium viscosity products and less demanding duties. The Contherm Max is a double wall scraped surface solution to maximise the heating surface area and create a more efficient heating solution and is used in processes which typically require 3 or more standard Contherm’s to be fitted to achieve the thermal duty. Finally the ConVap is a scraped surface heat exchanger solution with a built in evaporation system to effectively concentrate products during production.

The typical applications where the Contherm range can be used are soups, sauces, caramels, baby foods, meaty slurry’s, humus’, salsas and many more processes across the hygienic fluid handling industry.

Depending on the product and duty requirements one or more Contherm’s may be fitted side by side to provide full fluid heat transfer for any process. The length or height of each Contherm can also be adjusted during configuration to suit the process needs and to fit to any space limitations customers may have.

The scrapper blades are fully interchangeable, serviceable and customisable for each product and process with options from Stainless steel to PTFE to metal detectable plastic materials.

The Contherm range is fully CIP ’able and options are available to conform to 3A, ASME and PED standards with additional Aseptic options where required. Contherm’s are fully serviceable with an extensive range of spare parts available for all models. To aid with servicing the Contherm units are supplied with a lifting arm to allow for safe and easy removal of the shaft from the housing to access all wearable parts.

Whilst a scraped surface heat exchanger may not be the first solution to think of for difficult duties, they have been proven to be an effective technology for heating and cooling in demanding processes and can help in improving production times by more effectively and efficiently heating or cooling products.

If you have any requirements for Scraped surface heat exchangers please give ITS A call and we will be happy to offer a solution for your process.


Visit our website:

Contherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

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This February ITS Lite customers are granted free delivery for every order (Minimum spend of £50) placed via our online store.

If you haven’t already – Sign up for your ITS Lite account today. Once your shopping cart is filled up and you are ready to make a purchase, enter discount code ITSLITEFREE! at the checkout to receive free delivery on your order.

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Replacing or restoring your Alfa Laval pump components with non-genuine parts can result in a higher risk of unplanned downtime and compromise the performance of your pump.

To avoid this – opt for Alfa Laval Genuine pump spares. Alfa Laval OEM spares are designed specifically for Alfa Laval equipment, ensuring durability, reliability and longevity of pump and optimal performance.

ITS Lite can provide you with the right hygienic components, ranging from mechanical seals and O-rings to casing, shafts and motors.

Buy your Alfa Laval spares on ITS Lite – sign up and shop…

ITS Motivation Quotation – February 2023

Sustainability is rightly a hot topic across all industries and sectors around the globe, and even though as a business ITS are only a drop in the ocean compared to the scale of the job, we are taking a pro-active approach to play our small part in the grand scheme.

ITS are a member of the Climate Hub and are making strides towards a carbon neutral status by 2040. Working alongside our partners, we are supporting our customers with sustainable equipment choices, audits and information, that can only be good for our future and the planet we inhabit.

Read our Sustainability Brochure to see what initiatives ITS are involved with: Click Here

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