Reach those hard-to-reach shadow areas in your tank with the new PlusClean® cleaning nozzle.

Smoothly integrated into the tank wall or tank bottom, the PlusClean® eliminates the risk of product contamination in your production processes while raising productivity.

Download more information here: PlusClean Product Leaflet / PlusClean Brochure

How it works

The Alfa Laval PlusClean® cleaning nozzle is installed flush with the tank wall and/or tank bottom. Activated either by the cleaning media or by controlled air pressure, the nozzle creates a high impact force spraying cleaning media in a fan pattern directly onto the soiled area. Cleaning coverage is ensured through controlled and repeated rotation of the shaft and agitator blades.

Upon completion of the cleaning cycle, the integrated spring mechanism restores the piston to its original position, securely closing and sealing off the cleaning device. If purging is required, always operate with the actuator.

Watch here how the Alfa Laval PlusClean® works –

Speak with Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd if you would like further details 01675 465191 / [email protected] or visit the PlusClean® page on our website –

PlusClean® Cleaning Nozzle

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A large Brewery based in the UK asked us to find a solution to the high maintenance pump they currently had transferring product and CIP. Although the pump was working correctly, the costs associated with the unexpected downtime and maintenance required were becoming excessive, and the customer needed a more suitable alternative.

Take a look at on our Product Showcase Video and the solution that was suggested by Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd to see why our customer chose an ITT Bornemann SLH-4U Twin Screw Pump to resolve the issues they were having.

Visit the ITS website for Twin Screw Pump Options Available – Click Here

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Introducing the HiFlux Filtration A/S Auto-line© Filter, designed as a compact, self-cleaning filter. With its sturdy construction, this filter is suited to hygienic applications in which operational reliability and dependability are essential, and where effective pre-filtration and final filtration is needed between 30-2000 microns.
The Auto-line filter is used when an automatic continuous cleaning process is required. The impurities are being concentrated in the filter, until it is drained away. The drainage is done, while the filter is still in operation, which makes the liquid loss due to cleaning minimal.
In addition, by limiting the number of moving components, wear and maintenance requirements are minimised. Its simple construction makes the filter very easy to service, as there is no need for external service assistance or special tools. Furthermore, the compact design of the filter makes it ideal or locations where height is a limitation.
Now available from Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd, we are able to help you with selecting the filtration system and supporting products you need for your processing requirements.
More information on HiFlux Auto-line© Filter here: Product Leaflet
Contact Us – 01675 465191 / [email protected]
Is Product Recovery Important To You?
Product waste is one of the areas in hygienic manufacturing where extremely high costs are being incurred and is a topic that can critically affect the profitability of food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers, from the most basic production-line level on through entire plant efficiencies…even overall corporate performance.
By incorporating MOUVEX® eccentric disc pumps in hygienic product-manufacturing operations, results have been documented to include six-figure savings per pump. Read More Here
Advantages of eccentric disc pumps in product recovery applications when compared to other product recovery methods include:
• Eccentric disc pumps can recover product from tank bottoms, inlet and outlet lines.
• Eccentric disc pumps can recover product from small diameter lines where pigging is not possible.
• Eccentric disc pumps can recover product through ordinary valves, heat exchangers, magnetic traps, flow meters and other accessories found in the transfer line.
• Product recovery with eccentric disc pumps is seamless as no line interruptions will occur between normal production and the product-recovery phase.
• For the majority of the product-recovery process, air mixing is not a concern as most of the product recovered by an eccentric disc pump comes in the form of a product plug with no air mixed in. A simple flow switch can be used to shut down the pump before the air purge reaches the product’s destination.
Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd supply and maintain Mouvex Pumps in the UK. If you have an issue or project you would like to speak with ITS about, contact us on 01675 465191 / [email protected] Mouvex Pumps available can be found on our website – Mouvex Pumps

A healthcare company approached us after an SRU1 pump started making knocking sounds and ultimately ceased up so that it couldn’t run anymore.
The pump was returned to ITS for a full check up and service. It was found that an obstruction between the lobes had caused the torque lock assembly to slip and so the lobes were out of timing with each other.
After discussions with the customer it was established that the hot water flush may have exceeded the 70°c temperature rating of the rotors and thermal expansion, therefore causing the lobes to cease.
We polished out the casing and cover to ensure any areas which had scored or picked up on the lobes were smoothed out to prevent future damage, and the rotors were replaced with 130°c rated lobes to make sure this wouldn’t happen again in the future.
Another job well done by the servicing team at Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd!
Have a problem with hygienic equipment in your processing plant? Contact us on 01675 465191 / [email protected] /

A ‘Top’ Deal to kickstart the year. Take a look, and take advantage of this January Only offer.

Visit our website for the Alfa Laval range of Tank Covers / Manways: Available Product Range Here

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Wishing our customers, suppliers and industry contacts a very happy and healthy 2022.

We certainly have a some fantastic plans for this year with further sustainability activities, new products being added to our portfolio, the exciting projects we will be working on and our 20th anniversary celebrations!

Keep an eye out for our various product and specialist industry articles throughout the year, and remember, Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are here to support you with any requirements you have for hygienic processing equipment.

Hoping for another great year of Delivering Solutions and Processing Excellence!

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Preparation time! This batch of LKH UltraPure pumps are due out in the New Year to a global pharmaceutical manufacturer that have upgraded equipment for their filtration and CIP systems.

These bespoke pumps are a part of the LKH UltraPure and LKH Prime UltraPure range from Alfa Laval.

UltraPure pumps are carefully designed with an 0.4Ra electropolished finish, and are USP Class VI certified. We are finalising the full certification package for 3.1 material traceability purposes and they are then ready to be shipped.

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are experts in Hygienic Pumps.

Have a pump requirement? Complete this form for a price and recommendation.

Contact us now – 01675 465191 / [email protected]

1 week to go! 🎅🎉 Hoping you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, from everyone here at Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd.
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First batch of four shipments due out for a large pharmaceutical company known globally for their innovative research and development expertise.

This 14 manifold project of butterfly valves and single seat valves, is made up of bespoke frames, drip trays and comes complete with moveable control panels due to space limitations.

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd Project Management Services ensure our customers receive the very best recommendations for products, whilst taking advantage of our engineering skills and decades of industry knowledge.

Have a hygienic project you would like to speak with us about? Contact us now – 01675 465191 / [email protected]

Visit our website:

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If you need Hygienic Equipment for your processing plant, Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd can deliver quality products to you – fast.

From Pumps, Valves and Tank Equipment, to Installation Materials and Spares, our Technical Sales Team are on-hand to support you with everything you need to select the right products. We can offer project Management , Technical and Engineering Expertise, Equipment Trials or just a Quick Quotation and Fast Delivery.

Solutions you need, when you need them.

Visit our website to browse the products we have available – or contact us – 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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Pleased to announce that ITS are now official distributors in the UK for HiFlux Filtration products.
HiFlux said:
”Welcome to Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd. (ITS) as Partner for HiFlux Filtration A/S in UK
We are delighted to share the news about our new partner in UK.
Teaming up with Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd. is an important step for us in order to expand our filtration solutions all over Europe.
Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are process flow equipment experts with over 100 years combined experience in the food & beverage, brewery, dairy, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.
Formed in 2002, ITS now distribute a multitude of top industry brands with a fast service.
ITS and their in-house experts can technically support customers with large system projects, one-off product purchases and maintenance & repair services.”
Follow us for more details over the coming months and if you have any queries about filtration products for your hygienic production facility, please speak with Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd today – 01675 465191 / [email protected]
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Take advantage of the ITS Special Offer for December and order your Service Kits with 15% Off!* Remember to quote the discount code when placing your order 🙂

*15% Off standard trade price and discount applies to Alfa Laval Butterfly Valves and Centrifugal Pump Service Kits Only.

Visit our website to see our full range of products and services –

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Watch here how the Mouvex H-Flow Eccentric Disc Pump is easily dismantled and reassembled for maintenance and servicing.

The H-FLO Seal-Less Eccentric Disc Pumps have been designed for use in a wide range of pumping applications in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, all of which require extremely hygienic operations.

It delivers high suction vacuum and high discharge pressure that allow it to self-prime and fully strip lines, a critical consideration when maximizing product recovery. The seal-less eccentric disc transfer solution for hygienic applications requiring high flow rates — up to 70 m3/h (308 gpm), 10 bar (145 psi).

Speak with Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd about your pump requirements. [email protected] / 01675465191.

Visit Our Website to see the full Mouvex Range of pumps available from ITS –

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Some well deserved downtime for the ITS Team at Escape Hunt UK in Birmingham on Friday night. With Praveen Perinpanathan, Andrew Jeans, Tracy Buckingham, Martin Williams, Safeer Hussain BEng, Oni Robinson, Nick Willetts, Liza Lavender & Ciaran Murphy.

As an experienced hygienic equipment supplier, we have seen first-hand how important it is to select the right product to meet the requirements of an individual plant, and not rely on a solution that ‘might’ do the job. When it comes to tank cleaning, at Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd we use our decades of expertise and technical knowledge to recommend and supply equipment focused on superior cleaning, with reduced cycle times and optimum water, energy and chemical consumption, that fits with exacting customer needs.

The automated cleaning of tanks and vessels is a common process in a wide range of industries. The sheer variety of residues, environments and tank sizes that need cleaning warrants an equally wide range of tank cleaning nozzle.

To help you make an informed decision before making a purchase, this is the ITS Guide to Tank Cleaning.

Types Of Tank Cleaner

Our range is divided into three main classes of tank cleaner plus additional technology.

1- Static. These are either very wide angle spray nozzles or manifolds of multiple nozzles. The most common type of static cleaner in this class are spray balls.

2- Rotary Spray. These cleaning heads spin under the fluid pressure and this rotation allows for a more directed spray to be distributed omni-directionality. The motion, combined with the more directed spray gives these heads a far greater scrubbing action than static nozzles.

3- Rotary Jet Cleaners. These cleaning heads have 2 or more nozzles that produce powerful straight jets of fluid. These impact on the surface of the tank blasting away tough residues. The nozzles will rotate in two dimensions over a set cleaning cycle so that the cleaning jets are brought to bear on each part of the tank.

4- Shadow Cleaning Technology – The adjustable nozzles of the PlusClean thoroughly clean shadow areas, including underneath agitator blades, coils and connections. Changeovers, whether batch or continuous processing, are safer, faster and contamination free due to an even more efficient cleaning cycle. This translates into higher productivity while using far less resources. Pairing the PlusClean with any top-mounted tank cleaning device saves money and resources.

Watch the video here to see how the PlusClean works:

Selecting A Tank Cleaner

A number of factors need to be considered when selecting the correct tank cleaning machine.

1- The Size Of Tank. The size of the tank will dictate strongly which cleaners can be deployed. Each nozzle/machine will have an upper limit to its effective cleaning radius and so as tanks get larger the choice of cleaning head becomes more limited. Tanks above about 10 metres in diameter can only really be cleaned well by rotary jet cleaners for example.

2- Residue Type. Some residues simply require a rinse with water to remove them. Others require considerable impact to dislodge them from the tank wall. Typically harder residues will necessitate the use of impingement tank cleaners like the Orbitor range.

3- The Tank Environment. Corrosive or hot tanks may dictate heavily which type of tank cleaning nozzles can be deployed in the vessel. In particular this will dictate the material of construction.

4- Obstructions In The Tank. Baffles, agitators and other internal structures may block the fluid of tank cleaners. This may necessitate the deployment of multiple machines.


Choosing A Tank Washing System

Adequate coverage and effective scrubbing are of prime importance in bottle, drum, and tank washing.

Choosing from the variety of tank washing nozzles can be confusing.

When selecting nozzles / machines you should consider the following factors: size and shape of vessel to be cleaned, vessel opening, type of material to be removed, and spray coverage.

Size and Shape of Vessel to be Cleaned

The nozzles and machines in this brochure can be used to clean, wash, and rinse every size of vessel from small bottles, moderately sized process tanks, to large swimming pool sized tanks.

Static nozzles will have a limited coverage and produce little impact but have the advantage of being cheap and very robust as they have no moving parts.

Rotary spray balls like the HWS and HWP give greater coverage and moderate impact so they can clean larger vessels up to 7.9 metres in diameter. They are also able to clean tougher residues and will use less water to do so.

Rotary jet cleaners can have jets over 20 metres in length meaning a centrally mounted unit could clean a 40m diameter tank. They will also be deployed in small and mid-sized tanks to clean really tough residues.

The Cleaning Mix

Effective tank cleaning consists of 4 elements: chemical action, time, mechanical action and heat. Each of these element contributes a certain amount of “cleaning power” in any given tank cleaning operation. An increase in one element means other elements can be reduced without compromising overall cleaning. Conversely a reduction in any given element must be compensated for by a corresponding increase in one or more of the other elements if cleaning is to be maintained. The relative contributions of each element varies considerably depending on which type of tank cleaning head or nozzle is deployed. These are illustrated in the sinner circle diagrams shown below.

Water Consumption

Water consumption is driven by both the time element and the chemical element. The longer a tank cleaning system is running for then it is obvious that more water will be used. Water is known as a universal solvent, meaning it will dissolve more substances than any other chemical.

As such it is an important component of the chemical part of the cleaning mix. Often, in fact, it is the only chemical used and so makes up the entire chemical component. So the overall water consumption will depend on how much cleaning power is derived from the chemical and time parts of the mix.

Optimising Tank Cleaning

Optimising a tank cleaning system will depend very much on the residue and nature of the tank. The sinner circles for each system are a good place to start. The relative cost of each element should be assessed and then consideration can be given to the optimal mix. Increasing a cheaper element means a more expensive other element can be reduced thus improving efficiency. So, for example, reducing the cost of heating will mean either more time, chemicals or mechanical action will need to be increased.

Saving Water

Reducing water consumption is often a key driver for many businesses. Water is a costly resource. Not only does it need to be purchased it also needs to be pumped and then disposed of once contaminated. As discussed above the water consumption of any tank cleaning system is primarily a function of the time and chemical action elements. So if water reduction is a goal, it follows that the mechanical action and / or the heat element will need to be increased.

Tank Washer Selection

Generally speaking the rotary jet cleaners will be more water efficient than rotary spray and static systems. This is because the mechanical action element of these tank cleaners is so much higher than other types of tank cleaner. However smaller tanks simply may not be able to accommodate larger rotary jets cleaners. In addition, lighter residues may only need relatively light cleaning and so impact jet cleaners will actually be wasteful. As with most real world applications there are always exceptions to the rules but nonetheless the following rules of thumb can be applied to tank cleaning selection.

1 – For tanks smaller than 1 metre in diameter with medium to light residues static nozzles will probably be the most efficient.

2- For tanks between 1 and 3 metre in diameter with light residues rotary spray balls will probably be most efficient.

3- For tanks between 1 and 3 metres in diameter with medium or tough residues fast cycle rotary jet cleaners like the Orbitor Eco will probably be most efficient.

4- For tanks above 3 metres, even with light residues, rotary jet cleaners will probably be the most efficient.

5- For very tough residues, regardless of tank size, rotary jet cleaners will be the most efficient.

6- For tanks above 6 metres in diameter rotary jet cleaners are the only viable option as only they can reach the sides.

With certain tank cleaning selections, Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are able to provide you with a working simulation of the cleaning pattern within your specified tank, so that you can be absolutely sure you have made the right choice.

The simulation gives information on wetting intensity, pattern mesh width and cleaning jet velocity. This information is used to determine the best location of the tank cleaning machine and the correct combination of flow, time and pressure to implement.

A demo containing different cleaning simulations covering a variety of applications can be used as reference and documentation for tank cleaning applications – it is also free and available upon request.

We offer a broad range of tank washing nozzles and machines, delivering quality, reliability, flexibility and value to a diverse range of applications. Take a look at our range brochure here:

Tank Cleaning Brochure

Or Visit our Website: Tank Equipment for a Wide Variety of Constructions (


Please give a massive welcome to out new Warehouse Apprentice Ciaran Murphy! Ciaran has come to us through the Kickstart scheme and we hope to upskill him in all areas of warehousing and distribution.

Having achieved a First Degree in Physics at Swansea University, Ciaran is not shy of hard work, however this is his first place of employment so is looking forward to gaining some practical skills and business experience that he can take with him anywhere.

As a Cub, Scout, Explorer and Assistant Scout Leader, Ciaran enjoys being active and completed his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award for which he was presented his certificate at Buckingham Palace Gardens. He enjoys many sports including Hockey, Tennis, Squash and Badminton and regularly sails at Shustoke Sailing Club. Ciaran also has a keen interest in motorsports, particularly Formula 1 Racing.

Ciaran’s inquisitive mind means he loves problem solving and puzzles, often experimenting to find out how things work – great skills already for any workplace!

We are really looking forward to working with Ciaran and hope he enjoys his time with the team at Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd.

Welcome onboard Ciaran!

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