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Our ‘For Hire’ Daniatech LabMaster is on its way to Scotland for a 6 week recipe trial on alternative oat milk. This test will provide our customer with hands-on, in-time results to see if the mixer works for their application requirements. With expansion plans afoot, trialling the equipment before committing to buy makes perfect sense for their growing business.

Need to trial hygienic equipment in your facility? We have Mixers, Pumps, Valves, Automation and more, ready for you to put to the test…

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Available from Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd, let the Alfa Laval PlusClean® cleaning nozzle revolutionise tank cleaning in your hygienic processes.

In an effort to help pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacturers adhere to increasingly stringent hygiene standards, Alfa Laval have developed PlusClean – a wall mounted cleaning nozzle that gives 100% cleaning coverage of tank shadow areas.

2020 survey of UK manufacturers conducted by Harris Interactive indicated that 79% of respondents now feel more aware of hygiene practices following the pandemic. However, amid the rise of new COVID-19 variants, manufacturers working in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage sector are under even greater pressure to reduce cross-contamination between industrial processes.

Despite recognition of this fact, only 31% of those surveyed believed that hygiene practices in this setting are currently adequate. This may be owing to a necessity for productivity amid peaking demand taking precedence over the thoroughness of sterilisation processes. However, we believe that with the uptake of new technology, the two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Ian Forrester, Business Unit Manager for Separation and Food Systems at Alfa Laval, said: “The effects of the pandemic have re-iterated the importance of effective hygiene, particularly for those working in the manufacture of medical products, food and drink. For this reason, many business owners are beginning to re-evaluate current cleaning methods, with a view to integrating more comprehensive sterilisation techniques going forwards.

“While this is certainly a positive development, it is critical that thoroughness does not come at the sake of productivity and margin, as undertaking a comprehensive clean can often prove a time-consuming and expensive activity. In response to this challenge, the newly developed PlusClean nozzle ensures that manufacturers can achieve 100% coverage during cleaning without disrupting workflow.”

Achieving comprehensive sterilisation of process tanks has long proven a difficulty for manufacturers, with agitators and coils creating ‘shadow areas’ that are able to house contaminants from even the most advanced cleaning equipment. Alfa Laval’s PlusClean nozzle can be installed flush with the tank wall or bottom, targeting hard-to-reach areas with a pressured fan of cleaning media during cleaning-in-place (CIP).

As a result, manufacturers can guarantee total coverage during the sterilisation process, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between batches. This method also achieves up to an 80% reduction in water consumption versus industry standard tank cleaning techniques, resulting in a long-term savings for the operator.

For more demanding applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, PlusClean UltraPure is also available, with the Q-doc documentation package providing traceability across the entire supply chain.

Ian concluded: “Pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacturers have long been tasked with improving operational efficiency while maintaining a healthy margin. However, amid the rise of new COVID-19 variants, the importance of adhering to tightening hygiene standards is greater than ever. We believe that through integrating comprehensive, accessible solutions such as PlusClean, we can help operators achieve an industry that is both greener and more hygienic.”

How it works

Installed flush with the surface of the tank wall or bottom, a wall mounted tank cleaning nozzle contains a spring-activated piston, which opens and closes the nozzle depending on the pressure of the cleaning media. It is available in two versions: media driven or air-operated. During the Cleaning-in-Place process, the pressure created by the cleaning media activates the media-driven version, while the pneumatic air-operated version has an actuator, which automatically opens the nozzle by means of controlled air pressure. When activated, the wall mounted nozzle sprays a high impact fan of cleaning media directly toward the soiled area. Through controlled and repeated rotation of the equipment with shadow areas, such as agitator blades, the wall mounted tank cleaning nozzle hits the shadow areas, ensuring 100% cleaning coverage and high-precision, high-impact cleaning.



 Upon completion of the cleaning cycle, the integrated spring mechanism restores the piston to its original position, securely closing and sealing off the cleaning device. If purging is required, always operate with the actuator.

For more information on Alfa Laval’s PlusClean cleaning nozzle, visit the ITS website

PlusClean® Cleaning Nozzle


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Did you know? That filtration helps soft drink manufacturers maintain consistent, high-quality, flavours, CO2 and concentrates that comply with regional and global standards while lowering overall operating costs.

AutoLine Filtration for Soft Drinks Brochure

Contact Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd about HiFlux Filtration A/S Auto-line© Filters or visit our website for more information –

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When talking about food and beverage hoses, we are speaking about performance, quality, hygiene, cleanliness, and safety warranty. These are concepts that must be ingrained in this kind of product and are achieved thanks to cleaning processes that they can withstand.

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd understand the high standards required in hygienic environments and the challenges these can present. With Venair you can be sure that hose will be one less thing you have to worry about.

Why is the cleaning process important when selecting hose?

During hose selection, it is vitally important to consider the cleaning and sterilisation process since this can affect the mechanical properties and the behaviour of the materials used. It can also determine the useful life of the hose due to the aging effect.

Sterilisation and cleaning are important and necessary processes that eliminate contamination due to transport, storage, handling, or usage. So, it is highly recommended doing it prior to each use to prevent microorganisms’ growth or harmful contamination that can damage the product inside the tube.

What are the most common cleaning methods?

Sterilisation and cleaning can be made following two main different methods: with chemical solutions (Clean In-Place/ CIP) or using steam at high temperature (Sterilisation in-place/ SIP).

In the CIP process the following media are used in different concentrations:

  • Basic solutions (such as caustic soda) used to remove fat and protein part
  • Acid solutions (for example phosphoric acid) to eliminate mineral deposits
  • Oxidising acids or other oxidising products (nitric acid, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide) to remove bacterial load

SIP cleaning is used also to remove bacterial growth.

How to select the best hose for your cleaning process?

As commented previously, the cleaning process used can determine the useful life or the behaviour of the hose material due to mechanical and chemical stress that occurs during the sanitising procedure. Therefore, there are some aspects that need to be considered when choosing one process over another (such as temperature, concentration, time…). Also is important to monitor the physical condition of the hoses after every period of sterilisation.


This table shows the sterilisation processes and the general conditions for each one for the main materials used in the ITS range of Venair´s food & pharma tube. (It is based on tests and generally available sources, and it should be used only as a guide since it does not take into consideration other variables that may affect the hose).

Would you like more information?

Visit the ITS website to see the full range of Venair Hose available from us:

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Offering all the advantages of a hygienic twin-screw pump with a number of customised features and options, this Bornemann SLH-4S-2000 Twin Screw Pump is on its way to our customer to transfer a ground coffee slurry.

The pump works with two contact-free intermeshing screws and the pump housing which form closed chambers, and according to the direction of rotation, these constantly move towards the pressure discharge end of the pump.

This Bornemann SLH-4S-2000 Pump is also ATEX rated, eliminating the risk of sparking as the components that may cause this have been removed and replaced by non-sparking materials, therefore minimising the risk of any potential explosion.

Whether universal or aseptic processes, applications with high viscosities, high pressures or sensitive media, the SLH series could be the best solution you.

Contact Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd for more information: 01675 465191 / [email protected] or complete our pump enquiry form for a quotation and support selecting the right one for your application: Click Here

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SLH Range

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We want to know how we can better support the servicing and maintenance requirements of our customers. Please complete our short survey by clicking below, and let us know how you manage your maintenance scheduling and spares demands.
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Out with the old and in with the new! The entire transmission block was changed on this Mouvex SLS36 Eccentric Disc Pump that came into ITS when it stopped working. See how we resolved the issue here…
Get in touch if you have a problem for the ITS Technical Team –
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In 2002 Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd began trading to support the UK with the distribution of Alfa Laval hygienic processing equipment into the food, beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries. 20 years on, we now have over thirty global manufacturer brands in our portfolio, and not only supply processing products but provide technical consultancy, project management plus servicing and maintenance to our growing customer base around the UK.

As with many businesses around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic hit hard but ITS continued, with reduced resource and efficiency to supply our customers with equipment to keep their processing facilities running. We realised very quickly that the landscape in which we would trade in going forward would be very different, and ITS would need to stay one step ahead to change with the times.

Coming out the other end of the pandemic, we went through a period of changes that would set ITS up for the future. Along with creating a new in-house service centre and setting up an industry recipe mixing trial area, we completely renovated the offices and warehouse facilities, installing insulated walls, LED sensor lighting, making the office paperless and introducing a mandatory recycling scheme to help us towards our sustainability goals. We Also made a pledge to the Climate hub to become a carbon neutral business by 2040 and then set about rewriting the business plan.

This new plan initially highlighted the need for us to adapt the way we would promote the business. Therefore, a Strategic Marketing Manager was positioned, a marketing plan drawn up and proactively implemented. Performance and business analytics were introduced and are now published to company stakeholders, a rebrand took place and a series of activities are continuing, to showcase ITS in a more upfront way. This was also a catalyst for other major changes – In order to advertise our business and generate more enquiries and orders, we have to ensure our internal processes meet the high standards our customers expect.  And so, a new organisation structure was established which called to attention new roles and responsibilities within the business, and our pursuit to fulfil business actualisation began.

Our Chairman and Founder of ITS – Peter Jeans, having worked his whole career in the processing equipment sector, is a great ambassador of learning and development and as such, his son Andrew Jeans, now the ITS Managing Director also holds such values. Andrew took it upon himself to upskill in the areas of people and change management, understanding that if he were to embed a new way of thinking into the business, that he would have to start with himself. With a personal mentor and committing himself to training, Andrew has shown himself to role model the ITS way.
As a big believer in the development of young people, ITS has employed post graduate engineers and continued supporting young workers into new jobs they can be proud of. The Kickstarter apprenticeship scheme had recently been launched and so we took on an E-commerce and Marketing apprentice and a warehouse and operations apprentice to join the team. They are now employed fully with ITS and thoroughly enjoying the work experience and new skills the roles are affording them. This has helped two young people that would otherwise be out of work, gain invaluable knowledge in areas that can be developed and be of benefit to them and other businesses in the future.

ITS also opened up two external sales positions but wanted these to be as flexible as possible to allow for new hybrid working conditions and employee expectations. A new Business Development Manager has been appointed too so that the gap between external sales, internal sales, customer and suppliers is breached. This ensures continuity, working closely with customers to build on relationships and obtain better understanding of their needs.

ITS is a positive workplace with dedicated staff that is thriving on the challenges that new processes and work practices can bring. As an ISO accredited business, procedures are already in place to ensure correct records are kept and minimise mistakes, but now we are able to streamline those processes and make everything work more efficiently and effectively, meaning customer have the very best service from us.

Through various medias available, such as electronic forms, project management software and report functions being added to internal systems, this has all been made possible. A new CRM system has been installed, social media and professional platforms used to showcase the company, plus a new pricing strategy implemented to take pressure off sales so that they can focus on people and not prices. These changes helped us to secure our biggest order to-date back in September 2021 and this was a significant boost to the whole of ITS, signifying our successful change-around, team efforts and great achievements.

With the introduction of OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) and through KPI dashboard communications, the team know what the goals are and work together to achieve them. Development appraisals have now been introduced and creative thinking, constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement are encouraged. Training and skills gaps are identified, and in-house training is delivered quarterly to ensure staff stay abreast of technologies on the market. Our technical staff have completed the Green Belt Six Sigma qualification and further training opportunities are under constant review.

On top of clear direction at work we also ensure that we organise social and charity events to help bond the team and have a mental wellbeing initiative in place to fully take care of our staff.

We pride ourselves on the diversity and wide-ranging skillset of our team. 38% of our workforce are women and the senior management team is made up of 40% female representation. 25% of our team have minority ethnic backgrounds and 31% of our staff are under the age of 30, with 56% being over the age of 45. 38% of our employees are degree educated.

We are keen to support our staff to become the very best of themselves through training and educational opportunities. While we are determined to focus on our company vision, we will not compromise on our values and know that our people are at the forefront of being able to achieve our goals. Through apprenticeship programmes, work training schemes, in-house and supplier skills courses and continuous improvement of our internal processes, we continue to invest in our staff and futureproof the business.

In our 20th year of business, staff retention is amazing and staff turnover exceptionally low. ITS know that retaining expertise and knowledge, benefits our customers and provides continuity for them, our business, and the industry as a whole.

As a small but growing business, we are keen to live and work by our core values of being reliable, working in collaboration with one another, having integrity in all we do, respecting each other, and above all making our culture a happy one.

This commitment has seen the business go from strength to strength, even in the toughest of times, during 2021/2022 we have increased our workforce by 50% and have plans to further develop our employment opportunities in the coming months and years. We have numerous projects in the pipeline for ourselves and our customers and an enthusiastic, motivated team brimming with new ideas.

The Future is bright – in-fact ITS full of delivering solutions and processing excellence!

Join us on our journey…


Contact Us if you would like to know more about ITS or our products and services…

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The ITS Newsletter, May 2022 issue is now available. Catch up with what has been happening here 🙂

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Just so you know – our offices and warehouse will be closed on Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd June to join in the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. 🎉🍰

‘’God save our gracious Queen, long live our noble Queen’’ 👑

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Want to buy Tank Equipment that offers better end-product quality, greater overall output, exceptional cleanability and reduced operating costs? Well you have come to the right place…

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd has an exceptional range of products that not only optimise the process, but can also enhance the tank itself. Take a look here: Click Here

Contact Us: 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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Congratulation to Nick Willetts for passing his certification in Yellow and Green Belt Lean 6 Sigma! 🏅

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are very proud to have you on our team 🙂

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Looking to increase operational efficiencies? Mouvex, a PSG brand eccentric disc technology features exceptional self-priming capabilities to maximise productivity. Preview the basics of this function here and give Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd a call if you would like to discuss some more!

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Filtration Solutions from ITS

As a hygienic solutions and service provider, Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd has spent many years gathering valuable insights and researching the latest technologies to make our customer processes easier and more efficient. We are constantly evolving what we have to offer and make additions to our product ranges where we see there is a real and tangible benefit to the industries we supply.

HiFlux Filtration is one such product that ITS now have available. HiFlux Filtration A/S specialise in providing filter solutions to a vast array of different industry sectors, and have for over 60 years dedicated themselves to developing and manufacturing filtration solutions for liquids in processing environments and applications:

Filtration Products

Compact self-cleaning automatic filters

HiFlux Auto-line filters are designed as compact self-cleaning automatic filters with a wide range of applications. The sturdy construction of the filter makes it well suited for industrial and hygienic applications in which operational reliability and dependability are essential.

This includes filtering of most fluids, including process water, cooling water, wastewater, colours, lacquers, adhesives, polymers, etc., in which effective pre-filtration and final filtration at a range of 30-2000 microns is required.

The Auto-line filter is used when an automatic continuous cleaning process is required. The impurities are being concentrated in the filter, until it is drained away. The drainage is done, while the filter is still in operation, which makes the liquid loss due to cleaning minimal.

The Auto-line filters are available in different versions, where the scraping process is driven by a gear-motor or by a pneumatic actuator. Some of the filter has an extended pneumatic cylinder, so that cross contamination between the liquid to be filtered and the pneumatic system is avoided.

In the design of the filter, it was very important to make the construction robust and reliable. By limiting the number of moving components, wear and maintenance requirements are minimised. The simple construction makes the filter very easy to service, since there is no need for external service assistance or special tools. Furthermore, the compact design of the filter is making it suitable for locations, where the height is a limitation.

Add-on products are also available for the Auto-line Range:

Bag Filters and Magnetic Filters

ITS also offer a large variety of bag filters which ensure the effective filtration of just about all types of fluids. The filters are easy to service, with their, i.e. lid hinge pins which make it easy to replace a filter bag. The supplied filter housing is made of welded steel or acid-proof steel. The bag filters from HiFlux Filtration A/S can be used where there is a need for dependable filtration at a size of 1 micron or greater, with a large dirt-holding capacity.

We have solid and varied variety of bag filters with magnets which ensure the effective removal of magnetic particles from just about all types of fluids. The filters are easy to service, with their, i.e. lid hinge pins which make it easy to replace a filter bag. The supplied filter housing is made of welded steel or acid-proof steel. Bag filters with magnets from ITS are supplied with strong Hi Flux magnetic rods for effectively and dependably holding back magnetic particles.

Our Magnet Filters can be used where there is a need for dependably holding back magnetic particles. It is standard practice to supply filters with Hi Flux magnetic rods which are specially designed for this purpose. Compared to traditionally used ceramic magnets, Hi Flux has a magnetic field which is seven times stronger, thereby substantially increasing both effectiveness and capacity. Our magnetic filters are optimised for the removal of magnetic particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are used where there is a need for dependable and precise fine filtration with great dirt-holding capacity. The cartridge filters can be supplied in stainless acid-proof steel or plastic, depending on the filtration operating environment. An easy locking system makes the cartridge replacement time short.

Strainer Filters

We have various strainer filters which ensure the effective filtration of just about all types of fluids. The filters are easy to filter, with their, i.e., lid hinge pins which make it easy to clean individual strainer filters. The supplied filter housing is made of welded steel or acid-proof stainless steel. Strainer filters from ITS are also supplied with strong magnetic rods for the effective holding back of magnetic particles.

Course Filters

The Coarse filters we supply are mainly used to protect pumps, valves, regulators, instruments, heat exchangers and other components in different process systems, as well as suction filters and salt and freshwater cooling systems. ITS offers a large variety of coarse filters with in-line filters with low pressure loss. The filters are easy to service and operate, and are solidly constructed.

Visit our Website

Take a look at our website to browse the range: Click Here

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If you think our Filtration Solutions might be what you are looking for, or you would like to discuss a requirement with us, please get in touch and one of our technical sales team will be happy to assist…

Manufacturers in the food, beverage, dairy, confectionary and home-personal care industries, know all too well the challenges of finding a pump that performs, and offers a hygienic design on top the the ability to service and maintain it easily. This is why Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are please to have the no sacrifice Alfa Laval DuraCirc® Circumferential Piston Pump available as part of our pump solutions.

No More Compromises

The revolutionary Alfa Laval DuraCirc® is the first circumferential piston pump that delivers the perfect balance of durability, reliability, high efficiency and superior hygienic performance. Combined with a broad range of flow rates and pressures along with capabilities for simple service, DuraCirc® keeps your processes running efficiently. This best in class pump offers:

•Optimised for high volumetric efficiency, ensuring cost-effective pump selection and high product quality

•Hygienic design compliant with global standards, including EHEDG and 3-A

•Reliable, long-term operation thanks to durable, robust, heavy-duty, all-stainless steel construction

•Easy to service and maintain with fully interchangeable spare parts

•High process flexibility and reduced capital costs due to the broad range of model sizes, flow rates and pressures

It’s all in the detail

The Alfa Laval DuraCirc® circumferential piston pump (CPP) delivers it all – high volumetric efficiency, EHEDG and 3-A conformance, and quick and easy service.

The DuraCirc® construction features two rotors, housed within a pumping chamber, known as a rotorcase, with each rotor located on a shaft held rigidly within a gearcase. The two rotors are timed via timing gears in the gearcase, which along with shimming, ensures no rotor or rotor case contact. Rotor/shaft drive is typically provided via geared electric motor.

Due to the close internal running clearance within the pumping chamber, the rotation of the rotors continuously generates a partial vacuum in the suction port of the pump as the rotors unmesh. This results in a localised pressure drop, which allows fluid to enter the pump. The fluid is then transported around the channel by the rotor wings; the pressure generated as the rotor wings re-mesh forces the fluid out of the discharge port of the pump.

Supreme Performance

Designed with close pump head clearances, the DuraCirc® CPP pump maximizes volumetric efficiency and process yield. Thirteen models offer a wide performance envelope with a flow rate capability up to 150 m3/hr (660 gpm) and operating pressures up to 40 bar (580 psi). This makes optimal pump sizing and selection easy, thereby reducing capital costs and increasing process flexibility.

 Based on a robust, reliable design, DuraCirc® features include:

•Advanced port and pump-head geometry, providing a very low NPSHr characteristic. This significantly reduces cavitation risk and maintains pump and media integrity whilst increasing process flexibility in challenging applications

•Long-life, heavy-duty bearings, supporting rigid shafts located in a solid stainless steel gearcase, which reduce shaft movement and allow close pump-head clearances. This minimises pump-head contact and ensures process uptime

•A modular seal design, which makes seal conversion easy without requiring re-machining or additional flush housings, should the process application change

•An optional retrofit port, the DuraCirc® Uni-Fit, enabling easy, direct replacement of existing circumferential piston pumps from both Alfa Laval and other brands, without requiring pipework modification in existing process systems

Superior Hygiene

The all-stainless-steel DuraCirc® is certified to meet global standards for hygienic design, including EHEDG and 3-A. In contrast to many other circumferential piston pump brands, the DuraCirc® provides both excellent cleanability and high volumetric efficiency.

 Features that reduce the risk of contamination include:

•Profiled, product-wetted elastomers that are FDA-compliant and have a defined compression, thereby eliminating crevices and dead zones

•A robust gearcase with optimally positioned heavy-duty bearings that support large diameter shafts, which minimise pump-head contact, thereby reducing the risk of media contamination

•An all-stainless steel construction suitable for hygienic washdown, ensuring a cleaner environment

•Long-lasting, FDA-compliant gearbox lubricant

•Optimised seal design with faces fully immersed in the pumped media for higher cleaning efficiency

Simpler Service

Increase process uptime and make service faster and easier with innovative DuraCirc® design features. Perform standard maintenance procedures quickly and simply, without requiring gearbox disassembly, component re-work, or complex pump re-build procedures.

Features include:

 •A truly front-loading, self-setting, single mechanical seal for fast, in-situ seal replacement, without having to remove the pump from the process line

•Quick, easy replacement of rotors or rotor case in the unlikely event replacement is required

•Easy-to-access, external shimming outside the rotorcase instead of inside the gearbox

•Fully interchangeable spare parts

•Long-life bearings, offering tens of thousands of hours of operation

•A single, long-life, FDA-approved gearbox lubricant with an extended 3,000-hour change interval

The pump for you…

For a cost-effective pump selection offering a broad application scope, the range consists of 13 models, capable of flow rates up to 150 m3/hr (660 gpm) and pressures of 40 bar (580 psi).

Simplify service in terms of complexity and time with user-friendly features including a truly front-loading, self-setting single mechanical seal, use of a single long-life oil lubricant, and external shimming.

Need more information?

Visit the ITS website where you will find the DurCirc brochure and Technical Manuals:

Contact Us to Discuss Some More…

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Many thanks to Per Kollerup Jensen & Niels Kristian Poulsen from Daniatech for spending this week training ITS technical staff on the outstanding capabilities of their products. Our in-house LabMaster has been getting a workout, trialling various recipes!

Need a mixer for your processing plant? Take a look at our full range here – Click Here

or contact us to discuss trialling your recipe: 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd embraced our ‘HAPPINESS’ core value for Mental Health Awareness week, to help break down some of the barriers surrounding emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

We pride ourselves on a great culture and family values at ITS, and want to ensure that all employees are Happy and Healthy, so this week we all took part in activities that encouraged staff to speak about their wellbeing and take time out for themselves.

We set up a ‘Room of Tranquillity’ for relaxation and reflection, a ‘Let’s Talk’ session where we all opened up about how stress manifests in us individually, and ideas to tackle these issues. We also provided fresh fruit to nurture our bodies as well as our minds, and added a little of what we love (Cheesecake and chocolate played a big part in that!).

Staff took part in a day for ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ and agreed we should continue this as a permanent activity going forward, and to top it all off, ITS gave all staff a ‘Bad Day Bonus’ – an extra half day holiday that can be used on that day where you arrive and work and just don’t feel it! Plus we announced the benefit of the Bupa initiative for wellbeing was now available to all staff for emotional and practical support via their 24 hour helpline.

It’s ok not to be ok, but it sure helps to have somebody to talk to when you are not in a good place.

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