Designed with close pump head clearances, the Alfa Laval DuraCirc® Circumferential Piston Pump maximises volumetric efficiency and process yield. It has excellent cleanability which increases process uptime and makes servicing faster and easier than ever before.
The DuraCirc® construction features two rotors, housed within a pumping chamber, known as a rotorcase, with each rotor located on a shaft held rigidly within a gearcase. The two rotors are timed via timing gears in the gearcase, which along with shimming, ensures no rotor or rotor case contact. Rotor/shaft drive is typically provided via a geared electric motor.
Due to the close internal running clearance within the pumping chamber, the rotation of the rotors continuously generates a partial vacuum in the suction port of the pump as the rotors unmesh. This results in a localised pressure drop, which allows fluid to enter the pump. The fluid is then transported around the channel by the rotor wings; the pressure generated as the rotor wings re-mesh forces the fluid out of the discharge port of the pump.
Download the brochure here for more information –…/DuraCirc…
Think DuraCirc could be the right pump for you?
Give Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd a call to discuss. As master distributor in the UK for Alfa Laval, ITS are able to technically support you with selection of the right pump for your plant needs.
Tel: 01675 465191 / Email: [email protected]

We are proud that on Zero Emissions Day 2021 Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd can say that we have made the SME Climate Commitment to be a Net Zero Emissions Business by 2040!

Simple changes can make the biggest difference and we have already started with upgrades to our buildings to make them more efficient including insulation, LED lighting and introducing paperless working practices.

Join us on the journey and sign up to the initiative – Visit

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Is it worth the risk of invalidating your equipment warranty or a potential production failure because you bought non-genuine parts? We don’t think so…

Despite the attractiveness of the reduced initial costs of copy spares, there are rarely other reasons to choose these over the real thing in the long-run.

Quite apart from the fact that genuine parts are specifically designed for compatibility and to fit as they should, offering increased safety on you machinery and safeguarding your staff, they can also ensure lower total cost of ownership and provide you with access to the knowledge and expertise that keep your equipment well maintained and in good working order.

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are the sole hygienic supplier dedicated to providing ONLY genuine products and spares to our valued customers.

Keep it Real and Buy Genuine Spares!

Speak with ITS – 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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Another pump back to optimum performance after a service with Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd!

This Bornemann SLH-4G-3087 Twin-screw Pump came in from a global food manufacturer for a routine service at our HQ in Coleshill, Birmingham. The pump received the full works from our Service Engineering team including;

Initial inspection ✓
Full disassembly of wet end ✓
Identification of worn parts ✓
Mechanical seal replacement, screws replaced and retimed ✓
Pump reassembled and tested ✓
Plus a good clean and polish! ✓

Do you have Servicing, Maintenance or Repair requirements on your pumps or valves? Contact us to discuss what you need or for a no obligation quotation – 01675 465191 / email – [email protected]

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Pictured – Andrew Jean (Managing Director), Liza Lavender (Marketing Manager) and Tracy Buckingham (Business Development Manager), plus Eddie the Eagle Guest Speaker at the event.

Our first business trip out since lockdown took place on Wednesday 15th September 2021. A networking event organised by the BFBI and held at Drapers Hall in London, was a great success.

Guest speaker Eddie the Eagle was a hit and the many beers on tap went down a treat during the much needed interactions with industry professionals from around the country.

We look forward to the next one 🙂

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Pigging systems are fast becoming a must-have investment for food, drink, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics manufacturers, but many myths surround them. This is partly because, as the technology has evolved, so too has its range of applications and value to industry. Here are six of the most frequently asked questions about what pigging systems are and why they’re worth it.



1) What is a pigging system?

Although it can be used to simply clean a pipe, or to separate two liquids using the same pipe, the primary purpose of a pigging system is to recover liquid product rather than wasting it and minimising residue left to be cleaned. Different types of systems are available but they all work on the same principle: a sterile projectile (the ‘pig’) with a diameter slightly larger than the cylinder is fired through at speed, forcing out any unrecovered product.



2) Where is pigging used?

From ready meals and washing-up- to pet food applications, pigging plays an essential role in consumer goods manufacturing. Due to its ability to prevent wastage while ensuring hygienic systems, it has a crucial role in the food and beverages, pharmaceutical, and hygiene products industries.



3) How does pigging lower maintenance costs?

Pigging is often implemented as a continuous cleaning system, with the majority of companies using automated pigging to flush the pipes throughout the production cycle. This enables the system to operate at full volume while avoiding the damage caused by a build-up of debris. The maintenance savings are felt across the board, especially in the avoidance of unexpected downtime.



4) How does pigging reduce energy costs?

Pigging reduces the carbon footprint of a company in several ways. It improves the efficiency of the system, which in turn increases productivity by enabling greater product output for lower energy input and saves on water usage. The process uses energy-efficient hydraulic forces and is effective enough to reduce the requirement for lengthy, intensive deep-cleans.


5) How does pigging help the environment?

More than simply reducing waste, employing a pigging system has a spectrum of positive environmental impacts. A clean system means an efficient system, and efficiency reduces energy consumption. Using less water is environmentally responsible and lowers the amount of contaminated waste that industries produce. Pigging also allows for the safe collection of unrecovered liquids, further reducing the contaminant potential of the cleaning process.


See how a pigging system actually works in this video:


Find out more

If you have more questions about pigging systems, contact Industrial Trading Solutions. Our experienced team can help you to find the most reliable setup for your company.




A new approach to an old problem – Check out the Editors choice, page 16 of Process Engineering Control & Manufacturing Magazine (PECM) with information on PIPETITE® that Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are the ONLY distributor in the UK for.

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Here’s the outgoing Chairperson, Andrew Jeans, Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd incoming Charlie Gorham, Charles Faram

The handover took place at the BFBi Midland Section AGM on 1st September at the National Brewery Centre. Charlie wishes to continue promoting the marketing and networking benefits of BFBi to our existing and new membership.

Got a question about BFBi’s networking opportunities? Ask us a question here:

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are one of the leading distributors of heat exchangers for heating and cooling duties in hygienic applications. With our in-house sizing software, we are able to configure heat exchangers to best suit customer processes whilst maintaining maximum performance and efficiency.
Options include:
•Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers.
•Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers.
•Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers.
•Heating Solutions with intelligent, microprocessor controlled, waterproof, compact heating modules.
Our full range of heat exchangers can be found on our website – Take a look for yourself –
Speak with one of our technical sales team today on 01675 465191 or email [email protected]
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Struggling to find reliable service engineers to carry out your onsite repairs and maintenance for hygienic valves and pumps? Well look no further…

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd have a network of experienced and knowledgeable engineers in the UK that you can rely on for a fast turnaround and outstanding workmanship – all supported with genuine spares and our technically trained customer service team.

Want to make a booking or enquire for more information? Contact us – 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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Need Pipetite to cover unsightly, unsanitary gaps where pipes go through ceilings and walls in your processing plants? Then take advantage of our special offer, only available throughout September!

Take a look at the Pipetite Range – Cost Competitive Pipetites For Long Term Performance (

Don’t Miss Out! Click here to download the offer – ITS Special Offer – Pipetite

Contact Us – 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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We like to help where we can, so during the month of September, Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd will be collecting food donations for two local foodbanks, from staff and those across our network that would like to support.
After 18 months of crisis, we would like to play our small part in helping families and individuals get back on their feet, and ensuring they don’t go hungry is one big step towards this.
Helping Hands provide emergency food provisions to individuals and families in their local community.
Nuneaton Foodbank As part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, they work to combat poverty and hunger across the UK.
These great charities are looking for donations of:
•Jars of coffee / Packets of Teabags
•Tinned pasta, Stews, Casseroles & Curries
•Tinned meat & fish
•Tinned vegetables / Potatoes / Tomatoes
•Baked beans
•Tinned fruit
•Tinned rice pudding
•Packets of Rice / Pasta
•Instant Mash
•Long-Life Milk
•Dog/Cat Food
•Toothpaste / Toothbrushes
•Shower gel
•Washing Powder / Washing Up Liquid
•Female Hygiene Items
If you would like to help out, please send your food donations to: Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd, 6 Station Road, Coleshill, Birmingham, B46 1HT.
For more information contact us on 01675 465191 / [email protected]
Thank you!
Take a look at some of the trusted hygienic equipment brands we have in our portfolio of products to supply directly to you.
Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd supply only genuine equipment and spares so you can be sure that your production lines are not compromised through unreliable product.
Always Distributing Solutions – Processing Excellence!
Contact us today – 01675465191 / [email protected]
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Mouvex features a variety of leading pump technologies that include eccentric disc and rotary vane pumps to meet virtually any application challenge throughout the cosmetics manufacturing process.
What design features and benefits make Mouvex the go-to pumping solution for cosmetics manufacturers across the world? Download the Mouvex Cosmetics Market Brochure now to find out:…/mouvex…
Take a look at how Mouvex pumps perform and overcome challenges in cosmetics manufacturing with this real-world lipstick and foundations example:…/case-study…
And watch this video to see how Mouvex eccentric disc pumps played a key part in keeping this cosmetics manufacturer lean and successful:
Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd can support you with selecting the right pump for your requirements. Contact us on
01675 465191 / [email protected]
Visit the ITS website for more on Mouvex pumps:

Maintain your peace of mind and control your hygienic valves effortlessly with the Alfa Laval ThinkTop® V50 and V70 valve control units.

ThinkTop®- The compact Alfa Laval ThinkTop® V50 and V70 are the second-generation of the leading sensing and control units for hygienic valves. It ensures unmatched control of all Alfa Laval valves used in the dairy, food, beverage, brewery and pharmaceutical industries.

The Alfa Laval ThinkTop® V50 and V70 valve control units offer a single-sensor solution for butterfly, single-seat and mixproof valves; a single control unit can be fitted with up to three solenoid valves.

Installation with auto setup is intuitive and fast. Watch the video here:

Speak with one of Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd Technical Sales staff about installing new ThinkTop® automation into your facility.

Call: 01675 465191
Email: [email protected]
Visit Our Website:

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A successful first customer site visit for our Business Development Manager Tracy Buckingham today. You’ll be seeing more of this face around 🙂

Give Tracy a call or email her on the details provided on the QR code below…

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Why go anywhere else when you can come to Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd for all your hygienic process needs, including installation materials?…

ITS is your complete source for specialised fittings and tubing required in food, dairy, beverage, personal care, biotechnology and pharmaceutical process applications.

Get a quote from us today by calling 01675 465191 or email [email protected]

Visit our website – Tubes and Fittings Range For Hygienic Applications (

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