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Andrew Jeans (ITS Managing Director) & Nikolas Städele (Anderson-Negele Senior Market Development Manager)

Industrial Trading Solutions are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Anderson-Negele for Hygienic Instrumentation, ideal for processing facilities throughout the Food, Dairy, Brewery, Pharma or Life Science industries. Anderson-Negele has been providing hygienic sensors and process instrumentation for more than 50 years globally as part of Fortive Inc, and now ITS have added this quality range of instrumentation to our portfolio of top brands!

The product range includes:

With Anderson-Negele Instrumentation, hygienic by design is a philosophy not just a product feature. It is built into the hygienic sensors from inception and these high standards are prevalent throughout the range of solutions, quality of the product, delivery and customer satisfaction.

All Sensors conform to International Standards including EHEDG, FDA and 3A, and whatever the measurement be for your process demands – pressure, temperature, flow, level, point level, turbidity, brix, refractive or conductivity, you can be sure to find the perfect sensor from the vast range now available from ITS.

Don’t just take our word for it…try Anderson-Negele instrumentation out for yourself.

Visit our website for more details on our instrumentation product range:

Product Page

Speak with one of the ITS technical team today: 

Mouvex H-FLO Series Pumps now available in 11 & 15 models from ITS

We are pleased to announce that Mouvex have extended their line of H-FLO Series Seal-Less Eccentric Disc Pumps with the addition of the new H-FLO 11, H-FLO 15 models in stainless-steel construction.

With the addition of these new offerings, H-FLO Series pumps now provide flow rates from 12 m3/h (52.8 gpm) to 70 m3/h (308.2 gpm).

H-FLO series is ideally suited for hygienic applications requiring high sanitary standards. With a reduction in weight and consistent high performance, these new models come with flexible port positions and other user-centric options to suit applications in Food, Beverage, Dairy, Confectionary, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical.

Features & Benefits of the new models:

  • Ability to handle highly viscous products up to 10,000 cP
  • Increased offset ensures pumping of soft particles up to 14 mm (0.55″)
  • Tangential inlet ports and internal shapes have been designed to optimise CIP
  • Easy Clean System for more efficient cleaning and CIP bypass suppression
  • Easy maintenance thanks to a new piston locking design
  • Multi-layer stainless steel bellows ensures durability, safety & containment

Easy Clean System

As with all Mouvex Seal-less Eccentric Disc Pumps, the new H-Flo models 11 & 15 feature the ‘Easy Clean System’ giving maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

Easy Maintenance

Not only do these pumps deliver in performance, they are also easier than ever to maintain.

With an oil level control by sight glass for visual checks, a special bearing housing opening shape with no risk of oil spillage, and simple disc and cylinder replacement that eliminates the chance of bellows being damaged, the H-Flo range of pumps really are hassle free. And all of this done with standard tools!

What certifications are available on these new pumps?

  • H-FLO pumps can be ATEX certified.
  • In addition, H-FLO pumps are:
  • •Both EC 1935-2004 & FDA compliant with, FEP-FKM (CVT), FKM and EPDM O-rings
  • •H-FLO 15 complies with EHEDG under conditions of O rings material, Type of connectors and additional options.

The H-Flo Range of pumps:

•Are able to develop up to -0.95 bar g / -14 psi g vacuum on suction and are self priming.

•Can run dry up to 6 minutes even in ATEX atmosphere

•Are able to recover liquid inside piping

•Deliver a constant flow rate even vs. a variable viscosity or pressure

•Deliver a constant flow rate even if pumping parts are wearing

•Include only two pumping wearing parts that can be replaced quickly.

•Are Seal-less

Check out here how the Mouvex H-Flo pump works in this animation:

Industrial Trading Solutions can support with pump selection – Speak with one of our technical team today:

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Thanks to Kyle Croft and Alexandra Turner for delivering refresher training to the ITS team on Alfa Laval‘s Contherm® heat exchanger range.

Contherm® scraped surface heat exchangers are a robust solution for a range of industries and applications: from food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals to health and beauty.

Each unit is specially engineered to handle viscous, heat sensitive, crystallising or sticky products, as well as those with sensitive particulate matter. The rotating scraping technology continuously removes fouling material during processing. Gentle handling preserves the quality of shear-sensitive products while simultaneously providing high efficiency with a larger flow area and reduced pressure drop.

Take a look at what a scraped surface heat exchanger is and how it works differently from static heat exchangers:

Contact ITS for more information: 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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We always have a great time at BFBI events and the Midland Luncheon that took place at the Albert Hall in Nottingham this year was no different.

This year’s guest speaker, Neil Hanson, former editor of The Good Beer Guide, prolific and successful author and ghost writer to dozens of bestselling authors was a particular highlight.

Not only do these occasions provide opportunity to speak with those that know the industry and the challenges we are all facing currently, but invariably, we walk away having met some inspiring people and when we are really lucky, we have made friends as well.

Obviously, the pretty amazing beers on tap help the flow of networking too 🙂

Until the next one – Cheers to you all!

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Tracy Buckingham Andrew Jeans Tamsin Smith

THE DOORS ARE OPEN & YOU ARE ALL INVITED! – ITS Introduce you to another solution – but a lighter edition. You can now purchase all of your hygienic processing equipment from our large range of product, directly from ITS Lite, our online store – all at the click of a button.

For a lite, direct and fast paced experience, our online store gives instant access to the brands you know and love, whilst still providing you with support from our reliable and experienced ITS technical team.

Activate your account today! Simply sign up using the ‘create account’ option and once signed in you can take advantage of exclusive trade pricing.

Watch this space for additional brands being added to our online store over the coming months.

Take a look for yourself and visit ITS Lite now: ITS Lite

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Trust the Daniatech VacuumMaster for Pet Food Processing

The VacuumMaster represents the next generation of mixing solutions for the process industry. Not only is it more compact and perfectly optimised for energy-efficient high shear mixing, it is also virtually maintenance-free.

The vacuum feature allows automatic handling of the powder dosing directly from big bags or silos. By means of vacuum the powder is drawn into the mixer below liquid level and instantly wetted.

The powerful, high shear mixer generates a controlled vortex in the tank. The combination of vortex and vacuum effectively separates air from the liquid and generates a perfect homogeneous dispersion within seconds.

The result is a highly stable and homogeneous, air and lump free end product.

Depending on the selected options, the mixer can be used as a batch mixer or as an in-line mixer. For in-line mixing a circulation loop is required.

Would you like more information?

Visit the ITS website


or contact us on 01675 465191 / [email protected]

If you use filters in your hygienic processes, then you know how important they are to the quality and integrity of the final product.

Our Technical Sales and Operations Manager, Martin Williams showcases here why HiFlux Filtration A/S Autoline filters are respected throughout the processing industry for their reliable, robust design, and why they have the reputation for being the filter of choice…watch here:

Visit the Industrial Trading Solutions Website for more information: or contact us to speak with one of our technical team. 01675 465 191 / [email protected]

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The October 2022 issue of ITS Flow Time Newsletter is out now – take a read…

Read Newsletter Here

The Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd Service Engineers regularly visit customers to carry out on-site risk assessments and produce method statements prior to providing servicing, maintenance or repair services for flow equipment in processing facilities across food 🍅, beverage, dairy 🍧, brewery 🍺, distillery 🍸, pharmaceutical 💉 and personal care 🍶 industries.

These site surveys allow ITS to assess access to hygienic equipment, note any hazards, and identify potential issues before delivering a scope of our servicing capabilities for ongoing support. We also log equipment and make recommendations for critical spares inventory, supplying our customers with a report for their own use internally, outside of any services ITS may be called upon to deliver. 📝

ITS provide site surveys, resulting report and an outline of suggested services FREE OF CHARGE and with NO OBLIGATION to book. 👍

If this is something your facility could benefit from, please contact us to discuss further – we are here to help! 😃

01675 465191 / [email protected]

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Below images show a recent site survey carried out by Safeer Hussain BEng & Praveen Perinpanathan at a healthy snacks plant on a process skid and CIP set of pumps and valves. ⬇️


Our Managing Director Andrew Jeans and Marketing Manager Liza Lavender had a wonderful time at the Tate Modern in London last night, networking with other inspirational finalists of The Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards, alongside exceptional views of the city.

Some of the top names in British business attended this intimate pre-awards drinks event and it’s really quite amazing that Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are being recognised within that list of outstanding companies this year, under the Gateley PLC Business Transformation Of The Year Award

Whatever happens on the 8th of November – our team are winners already and we are proud to work alongside each other every day 🙂

Wish us luck anyway 😉🤞

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Want to be able to order your hygienic equipment easily online and still have access to the best technical and aftersales support?

ITS lite is being launched for just that!

Keep an eye out for the official launch of our Online Store – ITS Lite – Coming VERY soon!

Activate your account and have processing equipment available at your fingertips, including Valves, Instrumentation, Spares, Tank Equipment, Pipetite and so much more, plus you can still ask the Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd technical team for support from start to finish, and have access to your exclusive discounts and pricing whilst logged in. Pay for items on your account or via our online options for immediate payment and still benefit from next day delivery on stocked items when ordered before our online cut-off time.

Follow us to find out more over the coming weeks, or contact us for more information now…01675 465191 / [email protected]

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Need Hygienic Processing Equipment for your Personal Care Manufacturing Facility?

Take a look at systems, services and support that Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd can offer… Product Brochure

Speak with our technical team on 01675 465191 / [email protected]

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Proper handling of yeast between fermentation processes is critical to beer quality and yield 🍺.

Alfa Laval Scandi Brew Agitator conditions the yeast to obtain homogenous slurries with uniform temperature and consistency.

Its modular, low-maintenance design makes it easy to tailor to tank requirements, is easy to clean, and contributes to more uptime and higher productivity and yield. The yeast tank mixer is available in two versions from Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd:

🔹 ALT-SB-15 agitator for small to medium-sized tanks (5 to 50 hl):  Product Leaflet

🔹 ALTB-SB-35 agitator for large tanks (50 to 300 hl, depending on the physical dimensions): Product Leaflet

👉 Visit the ITS website for more information:

Top & Bottom Mounted Agitator Type ALTB

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