Boost Your Pipeline Efficiency with LIAG Valves – From ITS

Boost Your Pipeline Efficiency with LIAG® LÄUFER International AG Arc and Pigging Valves from ITS!
Looking for top-notch solutions to enhance your pipeline operations? ITS has you covered with our cutting-edge LIAG Arc and Pigging Valves! These valves are designed to streamline your processes, reduce downtime, and improve overall efficiency.
LIAG Arc Valves: Perfect for process engineering applications, these valves handle viscous and pasty products, as well as fluids with solid particles, with ease. They offer a totally clear passage, easy cleaning in place, and minimal maintenance. Ideal for a variety of pigging system applications, they ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.
Pigging Valves: Revolutionise your maintenance routine with our pigging systems! Designed for sterile pigging applications, these valves allow for easy disassembly even when welded in place and boast high CIP capability. They ensure thorough cleaning of your pipelines, minimising waste and saving you time and money. Plus, they’re eco-friendly!
Upgrade your pipelines with ITS’s innovative solutions. Visit our website to learn more and see how we can help you achieve peak performance!