Bornemann SLH 5G 3000 Twin Screw Pump from ITS

This is a new ITT Bornemann SLH-5G-3000 series pump which is on its way out from Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd to replace an older obsolete SLH-3G-125 pump in a soft drink syrup application. It will perform the same duty however, the benefit of the new SLH-5G-3000 is that the face to face dimensions of the ports/connections are made like for like against the old SLH-3G series pumps, meaning no pipework modifications are needed and the pump can be directly connected up to the existing pipework, reducing down time when replacing the pump.

The SLH-5G range, released in 2022, is a twin screw range designed for new processes as well as retro-fitting into existing processes to replace the SLH-3G and SLH-4G pump ranges, without the need for modifying pipework. The larger screw areas on the 5G range allows for increased displacement leading to smaller models being selected against competition, whilst maintaining performance and easing costs.

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SLH-4 Range

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