Celebrate International Beer Day with the SCANDI BREW® Carlsberg Flask 🍻

Happy International Beer Day! 🍺

Keep your liquid gold flowing with the SCANDI BREW® Carlsberg Flask, designed for sterilising wort and propagating pure yeast culture for yeast propagation plants at laboratory scale.

The cylindrical container has a flat bottom and is equipped with breathing filters and a membrane sample valve for aeration and product transfer.

The SCANDI BREW® Carlsberg Flask comes with some great benefits:

• Hygienic design
• Wort sterilisation in autoclave, alternatively on gas burner or electric hotplate
• Suitable for wort aeration
• Providing safe conditions during transfer of yeast culture
• Easy to clean
• Handy construction
• Easy to transport

All available from your complete flow solutions supplier Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd.

Read more about the Scandi-Brew Carlsberg Flask here: https://www.industrialtradingsolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/SCANDI-BREW®CarlsbergFlask.pdf

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