CONNECT With An ITS Representative Face-to-Face Through Video Conferencing

CONNECT with an ITS representative Face-to-Face Through Video Conferencing

Is there a way to get around the issue of travel restrictions and site visits during Covid? Absolutely! At ITS, we’ve been working hard on remote, video-based alternatives to ensure you get the face-to-face support you need during the pandemic.

Make An EnquiryHead Online

ITS representatives offer a range of non-contact options for consulting, contract-cleaning, and technical support. These include video conferencing, where experts can troubleshoot problems, carry out inspections, and offer advice via Zoom. This is an ideal option for anyone who would like professional assistance without the hassle of an on-site visit, while still enabling the natural benefits of a face-to-face conversation. We can connect with you using any comfortable means, including FaceTime, Whatsapp, Messenger Video, or your preferred video chat app. Just give us a call, and we’ll arrange the rest.

Pick Up The Phone

On-site visits might be the norm, but many issues can be talked through with a simple phone call. At ITS, we have dedicated responders who can walk you through situations and solutions over the phone. The phone is a quick and simple way for you to explain your requirements, and for the experts on our end of the line to offer guidance and support.

Email Us Pictures Of Your Problem

If you prefer, simply put your questions in an email, and we’ll get back to you. Our experts can diagnose problems from any pictures that you send, and can respond with step-by-step instructions and advice. This solution is also ideal for keeping an on-hand record of any advice given, so that you can consult it at any date, Covid or otherwise.

Arrange A Covid-Safe Visit

During these unprecedented times, site visits don’t have to stop. As one of the few distributors who are able to physically send people out to help during lockdown, we can arrange for representatives to carry out on-site visits that are completely compliant with Covid guidelines. We can advise you everything that you need to do in advance of the visit in order to ensure safety.

It’s All About Flexibility

In an uncertain climate, everybody needs to be able to adapt, and that includes ITS. We are here to help, and that means being able to connect with you in whatever way works best for you. You pick the way that you want to connect, and we promise to make it happen.

Let Us Know What You Want

If you want to connect with one of our representatives, our doors – both literal and virtual – are open. Get in touch today to find out more.

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