Daniatech Mixers for Pancake Batter

On Pancake Day, trust Daniatech mixers to produce the perfect batter.

Understanding the product is essential, particularly when creating the perfect mix, and in the world of pancakes with varieties ranging from American pancakes to savoury and sweet pancakes, you want to be sure that your mixing equipment is up to the challenge.

With the two Daniatech 1000L mixers shown in our video – it is easy for customers to switch between products. Working as batch mixers, these VacuumMasters are equipped with powder funnels, high shear ShearMaster and a scraper agitator.

Interested in more information – visit the ITS website and take a look at our trusted range of Daniatech mixers: https://www.industrialtradingsolutions.com/brand/daniatech/

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