Digital and Hygienic Load Cells For Mixers – From ITS

It makes good sense to use digital load cells for controlling the mixing of ingredients and raw materials in food production. Digital load cells are more accurate and can communicate directly with the dosing equipment, which means that you can dose the individual raw materials and ingredients – both liquid and solid – very accurately in the mixer. This ensures a perfect mixing result – every time.

Quick and easy installation

The digital load cells from Eilersen are delivered to you through Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd as “Plug & Play”. This means that the load cells are delivered calibrated and ready for use. They simply need to be mounted under the legs of the mixer and connected to the instrumentation.

As these are digital load cells, the length of the cables has no bearing on the calibration of the load cell. You can therefore blot the short load cell cable to the desired length.

In the case of analogue load cells, you can’t shorten the cables without changing the calibration. The cable must therefore be rolled up and placed in a suitable place. It is inappropriate, and such a cable reel can quickly act as a dirt collector in an otherwise clean and hygienic food production.

Digital load cells can be read individually

When installing the weighing system, it is possible to read the weight supported by each individual load cell. Most mixers have four legs, which means that two or four load cells can be used under the mixer – depending on the required accuracy.

Of course, it is important that the weight of the mixer is distributed across all four legs so that the installation of the mixer is stable. The distribution of the weight across the legs can be read with the digital load cells, after which the length of the mixers legs can be adjusted. When using digital load cells, however, you do not need to have exactly the same weight on all mixer legs, as the load cell’s digital calibration adjusts for uneven distribution of the weight.

With high-shear mixers, strong lateral forces occur on the legs, and thus on the load cells, which is undesirable, as this will usually affect the accuracy and reliability of the weighing system. This however, does not apply to Eilersen’s digital load cells, which are extremely robust and unaffected by lateral forces, which is why these load cells are used by mixer manufacturers worldwide.

Designed according to EHEDG guidelines

Our digital load cells are designed to meet the guidelines for hygienic design as specified by EHEDG. This means that the load cells do not collect dirt and are easy to keep free of bacteria and residues.

As an option, we can supply 3A-approved tank legs for the mixer, which makes cleaning the mixer and the load cells even easier.

Load cells can also be retrofitted to existing mixers without load cells, and thus increase their precision and performance.

Reliable weighing solutions

All hardware for Eilersen’s weighing and dosing solutions are extremely reliable and particularly suitable for applications where there are demands for hygienic properties and easy cleaning of production equipment.

The weighing cells and weighing terminals have been developed to withstand harsh treatment in a typical production environment necessitating high-pressure cleaning with harsh detergents and disinfectants.

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