Hiflux Filtration from ITS – New Brochure Available

Why use HiFlux Filtration A/S in your process lines? Here are some great reasons…

* Improve the product quality: The closed system design eliminates the risk of contamination of your product.

* Reduce waste and operation costs: The self-cleaning filter eliminates the need for replacing filter media and disposal costs, reducing product wastage, downtime, and labour costs.

* Increase your production rates: With its self-cleaning design there is no need to change filter media, resulting in consistent and reliable filtration.

* Safeguard the health and safety of your operators: With a closed system design, no hazardous product or evaporations escape during operation, limiting operator exposure to contact with the products

Take a look through our brochure to find out more:

Contact us if you would like a quotation or to speak with one of our Technical Sales team about the HiFlux Filtration range we have available: 01675 465191 / sales@industrialtradingsolutions.com / Visit our website: Product Page

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