HiFlux Filtration Partner with ITS in the UK

Pleased to announce that ITS are now official distributors in the UK for HiFlux Filtration products.
HiFlux said:
”Welcome to Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd. (ITS) as Partner for HiFlux Filtration A/S in UK
We are delighted to share the news about our new partner in UK.
Teaming up with Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd. is an important step for us in order to expand our filtration solutions all over Europe.
Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are process flow equipment experts with over 100 years combined experience in the food & beverage, brewery, dairy, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.
Formed in 2002, ITS now distribute a multitude of top industry brands with a fast service.
ITS and their in-house experts can technically support customers with large system projects, one-off product purchases and maintenance & repair services.”
Follow us for more details over the coming months and if you have any queries about filtration products for your hygienic production facility, please speak with Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd today – 01675 465191 / sales@industrialtradingsolutions.com
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