How Clean Is Your Tank? – New PlusClean® Cleaning Nozzle!

Reach those hard-to-reach shadow areas in your tank with the new PlusClean® cleaning nozzle.

Smoothly integrated into the tank wall or tank bottom, the PlusClean® eliminates the risk of product contamination in your production processes while raising productivity.

Download more information here: PlusClean Product Leaflet / PlusClean Brochure

How it works

The Alfa Laval PlusClean® cleaning nozzle is installed flush with the tank wall and/or tank bottom. Activated either by the cleaning media or by controlled air pressure, the nozzle creates a high impact force spraying cleaning media in a fan pattern directly onto the soiled area. Cleaning coverage is ensured through controlled and repeated rotation of the shaft and agitator blades.

Upon completion of the cleaning cycle, the integrated spring mechanism restores the piston to its original position, securely closing and sealing off the cleaning device. If purging is required, always operate with the actuator.

Watch here how the Alfa Laval PlusClean® works –

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PlusClean® Cleaning Nozzle

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