How does the Bornemann SLH 4G Twin Screw Pump work?

The Bornemann SLH 4G Twin Screw Pump is an advanced piece of machinery designed for efficient, hygienic pumping of various liquids, including those with high viscosities or containing solids. Here’s a detailed look at how it works:

Components and Design

Twin Screws: The pump features two intermeshing screws, also known as rotors. These screws are the core components and are precisely machined to ensure smooth operation.

Pump Casing: The screws are housed in a robust pump casing that forms the outer body of the pump. This casing is designed to handle high pressures and is often made from stainless steel to ensure hygienic processing and durability.

Timing Gears: External timing gears synchronise the rotation of the screws, ensuring they do not touch each other or the casing. This prevents wear and tear and allows the pump to handle abrasive materials.

Seal System: The pump includes a sophisticated seal system to prevent leakage and maintain hygiene standards. Seals are typically mechanical and can be single or double depending on the application.

Working Principle

Rotation and Fluid Movement: When the pump operates, the timing gears ensure the twin screws rotate in opposite directions. As the screws rotate, they create a series of moving cavities.

Suction Side: On the suction side of the pump, the rotation of the screws creates a vacuum. This vacuum draws the liquid into the cavities formed between the screws and the pump casing.

Conveyance: As the screws continue to rotate, the cavities move along the length of the screws. The liquid trapped in these cavities is conveyed smoothly from the suction side to the discharge side of the pump.

Discharge Side: Once the cavities reach the discharge side, the liquid is expelled under pressure. The continuous rotation of the screws ensures a steady flow of liquid, making the pump suitable for continuous operation.

Key Features

Non-Pulsating Flow: The design of the twin screws ensures a smooth, non-pulsating flow, which is crucial for processes requiring consistent delivery of liquid.

Handling Viscous and Solid-Laden Liquids: The pump can handle a wide range of viscosities and even liquids containing solids, thanks to the non-contact design of the screws.

Hygienic Design: The SLH 4G is designed to meet stringent hygienic standards, making it ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries requiring cleanliness.

Versatility: It can be used for both low and high-viscosity fluids, providing flexibility for various industrial applications.

Efficiency: The pump is highly efficient, reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

The Bornemann SLH 4G Twin Screw Pump utilises the coordinated rotation of twin screws to create a vacuum that draws in liquid, conveys it through the pump, and expels it at a steady, controlled rate. Its design ensures hygienic operation, versatility, and efficiency, making it a reliable choice for various industrial applications. As the UK distributor for Bornemann Pumps, ITS can support you with pump selection and technical specifications – just call us 01675 465191 or email

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