How To Clean Out An IBC Tank

Industrial Bulk Container (IBC) tanks are widely used in breweries, drink production plants, dairies and other manufacturing settings, to store liquids, ingredients, cleaning chemicals, sterilised water and waste products. As heavy duty, reusable tanks, IBCs can quickly become soiled and risk becoming a haven for microbiological contaminants. Regular cleaning is therefore essential to retain the hygiene of the tanks and avoid product spoilage. Cleaning can also be a time-consuming, expensive and wasteful process, unless the right technique and equipment is used. This article is a quick guide on how to clean out an IBC Tank, without using excess water, employee time, and energy.

Cleaning Equipment

IBC tanks are perfect environments for a whole range of dangerous microorganisms – which can ruin products and pose a hazard to human health. So the most effective means of sterilising an IBC Tank is by using a water-soluble caustic solution at a sufficient concentration to destroy the biological hazards in the tank. The tank will then need to be flushed out with plenty of water in order to remove chemical residues – which also may spoil the product.

This process has the potential to be wasteful in water and energy and to harm the environment, so the key to sustainable IBC cleaning is the delivery system used, as well as the type of cleaning chemical.

How to Save Money and Avoid Waste

There are two main types of cleaner. Some businesses use a good old-fashioned hosepipe or jet washer, which at high pressure can be a good means of stripping away ingrained dirt without over-reliance on chemicals. Alternatively, a spray head cleaner can be used. These have a smaller footprint, use less manpower and are less heavy on water, while still achieving the same cleaning effect. Our spray head nozzles are fitted on top of your IBC and have an integral pump and motor. These provide a fast and efficient clean and can be calibrated to provide the required level of cleanliness.

Using a spray head in favour of a hosepipe or jet washer is the best way of saving on cleaning costs. It also wastes less water, requires less downtime, and has a smaller carbon footprint than other cleaning methods. It is also difficult to achieve a complete clean with a hosepipe or jet wash. On larger or irregularly shaped tanks, the waterjet may not reach every nook and cranny, bringing the risk of bacterial build-up in hard to reach places. Using a spray head gives a much deeper and comprehensive clean.

The ITSClean Range is available to give a fast, easy and economical solutions:

Spare Parts and Professional Advice from ITS

Tank cleaning is essential. Regular cleaning can save water, reduce energy usage and avoid unscheduled downtime. We stock a comprehensive range of spare parts for all leading brands of IBC tank cleaning systems, so to find out more or discuss your requirements, please call 01675 621014 today.