Hygienic Heating and Cooling Solutions from ITS

Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are one of the leading distributors of heat exchangers for heating and cooling duties in hygienic applications. With our in-house sizing software, we are able to configure heat exchangers to best suit customer processes whilst maintaining maximum performance and efficiency.
Options include:
•Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers.
•Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers.
•Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers.
•Heating Solutions with intelligent, microprocessor controlled, waterproof, compact heating modules.
Our full range of heat exchangers can be found on our website – Take a look for yourself – https://www.industrialtradingsolutions.com/productcategory/heating-cooling/
Speak with one of our technical sales team today on 01675 465191 or email sales@industrialtradingsolutions.com
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