ITS Brings You Twin Screw Technology From Alfa Laval…

If you need a reliable pump that has been designed to comfortably handle sensitive, abrasive and high or low viscosity fluids, the Alfa Laval OS Twin Screw Pump is ideal.

Suitable for  hygienic applications in the dairy, food, beverage and personal care industries, its quiet, virtually pulse-free, smooth and gentle operation makes the pump an excellent choice for handling sensitive products, with low pulsation characteristics and excellent solids handling that reduce risk of product damage, plus if that wasn’t enough, this pump also has the capability to transfer Cleaning in Place (CIP) fluids too.

Twin Screw Pump technology

The Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump combines process duties typically handled by positive displacement with CIP duties typically handled by centrifugal pumps. This provides a robust and reliable platform that offers greater process flexibility.

Process flexibility

Two-in-one operation provides easy handling of process media of varying viscosities as well as CIP fluids. This simplifies piping and pump control, cutting costs and minimizing contamination risks.

Superior suction performance with excellent lift capability and low NPSHr provides installation flexibility and increases product recovery.

How it works

The Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump is a positive displacement pump. As the pump rotates, the intermeshing of the two contra-rotating screws, along with the pump housing, form volumetric chambers. These chambers fill with the pumped fluid and move it axially from the suction side of the pump to the higher pressure discharge side of the pump.

Operational safety

The Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump features a clean, external stainless steel finish with profiled elastomers and mechanical seals fully surrounded by the product. Designed for maximum cleanability using FDA-conforming materials, the pump is both EHEDG- and 3-A certified.

The combination of optimised gearbox design and excellent hydraulic performance provides for quiet pump operation, minimising noise emissions. Running temperature is also minimised, thereby increasing workplace safety.

An optional ATEX version enables use in hazardous zones.

Service and reliability

Quick, easy seal replacement with the pump in place is made possible, thanks to a cartridge seal with a truly front-loading, self-setting design. This maximises process uptime and minimises maintenance costs. An optional seal service kit program adds maintenance flexibility and cuts operating costs.

A robust, all stainless steel gearbox with timing gears located between bearings, provides an optimised bearing span. Balanced loading of the shaft assembly reduces vibration and noise, increasing component life and reliability.

The oil chamber design enhances bearing and gear lubrication, increasing bearing life and minimising gearbox running temperature.

Easy access to timing gears, whilst the pump is in position, simplifies the process of screw retiming; there is no need to drain gearbox oil or to remove the coupling and motor.

Quick, easy maintenance

Keep maintenance costs low and increase process uptime. Seal replacement with the pump in place is quick and easy, thanks to a cartridge seal with a truly front-loading, self-setting design. An optional seal service kit provides maintenance flexibility and cuts costs. Easy access to timing gears whilst the pump is in position simplifies the process of screw retiming without requiring drainage of the gearbox oil or removal of the coupling and motor.

Overall Benefits of the OS Twin Screw Pump

  • High and low viscosity liquids – all perfectly and reliably pumped
  • Greater process flexibility
  • Ease of service, increased process uptime
  • Robust reliable design, reducing cost of ownership and increasing process uptime
  • Improved product quality
  • Exceptional hygiene and cleanability

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Twin Screw OS

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