ITS – Daniatech LabMaster Mixing Trial Video

Take a look at how our first trial went, testing our high-shear Daniatech LabMaster batch mixer with some condiment recipes.
The Labmaster is a fully functional high-shear mixer which provides a homogenous mix between Powders and liquids. The vacuum pump allows for powders to be introduced below the liquid level reducing risk of clumping and providing a more efficient and effective mix.
The fully pressure rated vessel has direct steam injection, steam heating jacket and water cooling jacket for options on heating and cooling products during mixing.
The LabMaster can handle high viscosity products too, which makes it suitable for a wide range of high-shear mixing applications from vegan milks right though to thick sauces.
Watch here:

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Have a recipe you would like to trial?
Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd have a LabMaster available for you to hire and try out those recipes before you commit to buying the equipment. Contact us for more information – 01675 465191 /