ITS Fix a Leaky Situation – Servicing Showcase

🔧 Our latest service call took our servicing engineers to a dairy production facility, where we encountered a pump facing a leaky situation. Despite its relatively young age of less than 12 months, the pump was experiencing issues with its mechanical seals. It was a classic case of premature failure, but we were determined to turn the tide.

💡 To enhance the pump’s longevity, we proposed an upgrade to harder SiC/SiC faces during the servicing. This upgrade promised to fortify the pump against early failures, ensuring smoother operations in the long run.

🧪 However, what we discovered during the servicing was that the internals of the pump were coated with a significant amount of caustic residue, indicating a caustic concentration much higher than anticipated. The dried caustic on the seal faces was pinpointed as the culprit behind the premature failure.

🔍 Armed with this insight, we didn’t just fix the immediate issue. We also provided invaluable advice to our customer: monitor the caustic concentration closely, and if it remained elevated, initiate a liquid flush to lubricate the seals and pre-empt any future early failures.

🛠️ After a thorough clean-up and servicing, including the installation of a full mech seal kit, the pump underwent rigorous testing to ensure its optimal performance. Only when we were confident in its capabilities did we sign off on the completed works.

👷‍♂️ Our mission isn’t just about fixing problems; it’s about empowering our clients with the knowledge to prevent them in the future. Long Clawson’s pump is now not just repaired but fortified for the challenges ahead. Another successful intervention in the books!

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