ITS Motivation Quotation – May 2023 – Preventative Maintenance

Unplanned downtime in manufacturing plants is often highly disruptive and very costly (almost 10% of your TCO) but it is not unusual to see the ‘run to failure’ maintenance approach being used in industry. This is the old ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ method. In many instances the root cause of this is either lack of manpower, or lack of product specific knowledge – Either way, this can lead to critical equipment performing badly, reducing lifespan and increasing the risk of failure.

By introducing some simple measures, these issues can normally be avoided or reduced, and with tailored service contracts provided by ITS, criticality can be identified and individual equipment plans drawn up to suit your facility.

By effectively planning the correct maintenance programme into your schedule, it will save you additional stress, hassle and time, not to mention potential costs. This means you can get on with more important tasks of production and profit…

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