ITS Motivation Quotation – October 2023


Work smarter not harder – and ITS can help you do just that…

Production facilities around the world are introducing new work practices for efficiency, but ITS already have an array of solutions that can make processing easier and less time consuming for you.

For example:

Install an Alfa Laval ThinkTop to your Alfa Laval Valves and enjoy cost effective, intelligent valve indication that provides reliable, intuitive sensing with real time information and records of historic data for traceability. Not only will this product boost productivity, but you can easily retrofit one of the many model options to ensure you have chosen the most suitable for your environment. Read more here:

Another solution available from ITS is the Alfa Laval Condition Monitor, a wireless vibration monitoring system that tracks the operating condition of rotating equipment, such as pumps, mixers and agitators, which will help you to optimise your maintenance decisions, reduce the risk of sudden failures and therefore unexpected downtime. Condition monitors are compact, intelligent and easy to use maintenance systems and the Intuitive CM Connect unit can act both as a stand alone Condition Monitor unit and a gateway for connecting up to 10 Condition Monitors to a Cloud based storage system via 4G LTE connectivity. Take a look here:

Condition Monitor

ITS also has a selection of instrumentation sensors and controls from Anderson-Negele & Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S, all designed with demanding hygienic processes in mind, whether for pressure, temperature, flow, level, point level, turbidity, brix, refractive or conductivity, so you can measure what’s important, without lifting a finger – Take a look at the range:

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