Meet Our Team – Martin Williams – Technical Sales and IT

Meet Our Team – Martin Williams – Technical Sales and IT

Born in Birmingham in the dynamic 70s, Martin remains forever young at heart. Educated at the College of Food and Tourism in Birmingham, he earned an NVQ1 in Bakery, laying the foundation for a diverse and vibrant career. From his early days as a baker and pizza maker to his ventures into delivery, newsagent roles, CCTV sales, flooring warehouse and store sales, and ultimately IT systems, Martin’s professional journey is a testament to his versatility and drive, of which he puts to full use here at ITS. 🤩

In his current role in ITS, Martin has been instrumental in forming key partnerships with prominent companies such as Anderson-Negele, Eilersen, and HiFlux Filtration. His ability to forge strong relationships and bring innovative suggestions to the table has been a significant asset to the company. 😁

As a devoted parent, Martin manages a lively homelife with seven children and two stepchildren, a balanced mix of five boys and four girls. His interests are broad and enthusiastic: a dedicated Liverpool FC supporter, a tech gadget aficionado, and an avid viewer of Gold Rush TV programmes. 📺

Martin’s musical tastes reflect his open-hearted personality. He’s a proud fan of Take That and Robbie Williams, having attended several of their concerts. His love for live performance extends to the mesmerising shows of Cirque du Soleil. Comedy is another passion, with favourites including Matt Rife, Jimmy Carr, and Paul Smith. 🎶 😂

In true Martin fashion, he has a knack for turning mishaps into memorable stories—like the time he accidentally backed a company van over a brand-new Lotus Elise! 😲 Despite some unexpected detours, Martin’s optimism and humour always shines through.

With a life rich in experience and interests, Martin continues to embrace each day with the vitality and joy of someone perpetually youthful, never losing the spark that makes him unique. 😎

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