Meet Our Team – Nick Willetts – Technical Business Manager

Meet Our Team – Nick Willetts – Technical Business Manager

Nick has been with us for 10 years and is one of our most knowledgeable team members when it comes to hygienic processes.💡

Nick attended Fairfax Senior School where he excelled in GCSEs and A-Levels, particularly developing a passion for Geography and Mathematics. His academic journey continued at Aberystwyth University, pursuing a joint honours degree in Mathematics and Physical Geography, from which he graduated with a 2:1. 🎓🗺📚

Driven by a passion for excellence, Nick constantly seeks to deepen his understanding of subjects to excel in handling large projects. He relishes the logical problem-solving process and values self-initiated learning and practical experience. Nick has honed his skills through self-learning and hands-on experience, earning qualifications like the Yellow and Green Belt Lean Six Sigma certification and winning design challenges with global manufacturer – Alfa Laval. Noteworthy achievements include securing the largest project in ITS history, of which he reminds us regularly. 😆🤩

Outside of work, Nick is an avid music enthusiast, albeit with eclectic tastes, and a dedicated follower of football, holding a long-standing season ticket at Birmingham City (never mind!) and is passionate about F1 racing. ⚽️🏎🎼

He is known for his easy-going nature and sense of humour, enjoys traveling, hiking in scenic locales like Snowdonia and the Lake District, and engaging in outdoor activities. He has a philanthropic side, having climbed Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro while volunteering at a local orphanage in Tanzania and was a Cub leader at his local group for many years. Nick also dreams of owning a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the future. 🐶 🏔 🏕🌅

As a side note – Nick is currently free and single, so this bio could double as a dating profile – if anybody is interested in this well-rounded, completely normal (somewhat) human being – is prepared to go halves on the first date and isn’t a teacher (as Nick doesn’t want to be tied to term-time holidays for travelling) – please get in touch with the office, he would love to hear from you! 😁💘

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