Meet Our Team – Oni Robinson – eCommerce & Marketing

Meet Our Team – Oni Robinson – eCommerce & Marketing 🤩

Born on Christmas day, Oni is a proud 90’s baby, and contrary to what you might expect, she doesn’t hate the fact she was born on such a festive day as it only adds to her colourful personality. 🌈

From a young age, curiosity has been Oni’s driving force, questioning everything, seeking a deeper understanding of how things work, and this trait has stayed with her into adulthood, being an instrument for greater good in her career and her constant quest for self-improvement. 💫

Oni’s first love in life has always been art and design in various forms. Having harboured a lifelong passion for creativity, which led her to pursue academic qualifications in art and interior design at Solihull College & University Centre. This academic journey laid the foundation for her side hustle working on residential projects in and around London, transforming spaces into memorable and meaningful environments. 😍

One thing about Oni is that she picks up skills quickly and while working for ITS in e-Commerce & Marketing, she has found herself drawn to web development. Overseeing the ITS e-commerce website, ITS Lite, Oni has been exposed to the world of tech, and is currently undertaking various coding courses to further her skills with the goal of becoming a full-stack developer. 🚀

When it comes to food and drink, Oni has quite the eclectic taste. She loves herbal teas, tequila, rum, cocktails, or a bottle of red wine and as a self-proclaimed foodie, Oni is particularly fond of Caribbean, Mexican, and Thai cuisines (in that order!). 🍸🌮

Whenever she can, Oni schedules in social hours with friends and is a committed member of the bottomless brunch society. To balance out her indulgences, Oni makes sure to attend Pilates and yoga classes regularly. Maintaining both physical and mental well-being is key to living a vibrant and fulfilling life, after all. 🤸🏾

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