More Efficiency With FMQ Flow Measurement Automation

Precise flow control is in a variety of applications in dairies, breweries, and beverage processing plants, and is an efficient way to automate processes and to save resources. However, many companies are reluctant to use such sensors due to the purchase and installation cost.

With the FMQ electromagnetic flowmeter, Anderson-Negele has realigned the cost-benefit ratio and ITS will highlight here, some of the processes where this product could support with cost saving activities, especially in these times of rising prices for raw materials, product and energy.

FMQ electromagnetic flowmeter

As an inexpensive and compact all-rounder, the electromagnetic FMQ is a versatile, robust, and reliable flowmeter for all conductive media. The performance spectrum is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies in hygienic food processing. In addition to liquids, all porridges, pastes or cream-like products can also be accurately monitored. When media change in a process plant, the automatic signal processing of the FMQ adjusts itself to the new product and always provides correct readings.

With FMQ, processes that were previously controlled manually or timed can be automated easily. With a spectrum from 30 l/h to 640,000 l/h and a measuring accuracy of ± 5 % ± 2 mm/s, it covers almost all applications, including dosing and filling applications or CIP process control.

Compared to high-end devices, the FMQ has been specifically designed for standard requirements, which means that in many applications the investment pays off faster. Alongside the interesting price, the FMQ with its high-quality stainless-steel construction is conceived for durability and lasting precision. This is complemented by comparatively simple installation, as the sensor is equipped with an aseptic flange and offers many common, manufacturer-independent process connections. The compact electronics reduce sensitivity to vibration, which in many production plants is a stress test for sensor technology. In the optional remote version, the electronics unit with the display and programming interface can be installed up to 10 metres away from the actual sensor.

The FMQ is equipped with a digital IO-Link interface in addition to the 4…20 mA output. This dual communication, called “Flex-Hybrid Technology” at Anderson-Negele, is offered at no extra charge, and allows either analogue or digital data transfer.

In summary, the FMQ provides the following features:

  • Extremely compact: Minimal size of measuring device and electronics for easy, vibration-insensitive integration in almost all applications.
  • A remote version is also available as an option.
  • Extremely robust: All components are completely made of stainless-steel, so the FMQ can withstand even the toughest process conditions and the most intensive cleaning without any impact. In addition, the magnetic field coils of the measuring system are potted, so that even in very harsh environments with strong vibrations or pressure surges permanently reliable, precise measurement results are guaranteed.
  • Extremely reliable: Fully protected against moisture, corrosion, and vibration; vacuum-proof PFA measuring tube lining; process temperature up to 100 °C / 212 °F, CIP/SIP temperature up to 130 °C / 266 °F, suitable for pig cleaning.
  • Always correct: The automatic empty tube detection and automatic signal processing always guarantee correct readings even when media change (e.g. milk/CIP).
  • Simplest commissioning and operation: thanks to a user-friendly, rotatable display with optical pushbuttons, programming can be carried out quickly and easily on the display without opening the housing and without sensitive mechanical components. Alternatively, setting is also possible via IO-Link, without company-specific programming adapter.
  • Easy installation due to manufacturer-independent process connection with aseptic flange. Pipe standard DN10 to DN150. The FMQ is available without process connection or with butt-weld, ASME clamp or DIN clamp.

Where can you buy the FMQ electromagnetic flowmeter?

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