New Antimicrobial Silicone Hose For Food and Beverage Processing Facilities…

Introducing the Vena® Aseptisil

ASEPTISIL is an antimicrobial silicone that avoids contamination from the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi and protects the tubing against organisms that cause discolorations, bad odours and cross-contamination. It has been tested in accordance with ISO 22196:2011 on bacteria species as MRSA and E.coli showing a reduction up to 99,9% of microbiological activity. Active ingredient in ASEPTISIL tubing works by neutralising bacteria rapidly. The fact that it does not dissipate or release with use, makes it possible that the antimicrobial properties can be extended under normal conditions.

Unlike other similar antimicrobial tubing, ASEPTISIL is composed 100% of antimicrobial material guaranteeing its integrity and protection for the whole structure of the product.

It is especially recommended for food contact applications in the transport of liquid or semi-liquid fluids in the food and beverage industries. It offers an extremely broad field of applications, especially effective where there is intermittent use of water or other fluids in warm conditions without the possibility of drying between uses.


  • Permanent antimicrobial product protection.
  • Non releasing technology that prevent of superficial biofilm formation.
  • Exhaust cleaning processes no needed between uses.
  • Protects the tubing from bacteria, mold and fungi growth.
  • Odorless, tasteless, and completely non-toxic.
  • Suitable for milk and alcoholic beverages transfer.
  • Active ingredient throughout the tubing. Not only as an inner layer.
  • Operational temperature range from -60°C (-76 F) to +200°C (392 F), it may reach up to 220°C (428 F) during short periods of time.
  • The standard manufacturing length is 25 meters long (82.02 ft), although they can be manufactured in any length required.
  • Indelible traceability through laser marking with part number, reference description and internal diameter.


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