Perfectly and reliably pumped liquids with the Alfa Laval OS Twin Screw Pump

High and low viscosity liquids – all perfectly and reliably pumped.

Designed for handling sensitive, abrasive and high and low viscosity fluids, the Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump is ideal for use in hygienic applications in the dairy, food, beverage and personal care industries. It’s quiet, virtually pulse-free, smooth and gentle operation makes the pump an excellent choice for handling sensitive products.

On top of this, the OS Twin Screw Pump seal replacement is quick and easy, thanks to a cartridge seal with a truly front-loading, self-setting design. It also gives easy access to timing gears whilst the pump is in position, simplifying the process of screw retiming without requiring drainage of the gearbox oil or removal of the coupling and motor. A winner all round for minimising maintenance costs and downtime!

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Twin Screw OS

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