Product Viscosity in Filtration Processes – With ITS

Product viscosity significantly impacts filtration processes, including those involving HiFlux filters. Here are some key points to consider:

👉 Flow Rate and Pressure Drop

Fluids with higher viscosity resist flow more than low-viscosity fluids, leading to a slower filtration rate. The increased resistance requires higher pressure to maintain a constant flow rate through the filter. Lower-viscosity fluids flow more easily through filters, allowing for higher flow rates with less pressure.

👉 Filter Fouling and Efficiency

Thick fluids can lead to quicker fouling of the filter medium as particles are less likely to be carried away by the flow. This results in a reduced filtration efficiency and more frequent cleaning or replacement of the filter. Lower-viscosity fluids can transport particles more efficiently through the filter medium, potentially reducing fouling and extending filter life.

👉 Pore Size and Permeability

High Viscosity Fluids require filters with larger pore sizes or more permeable materials to achieve a reasonable flow rate. However, larger pores might compromise the filtration quality. Low Viscosity Fluids can be effectively filtered through finer pores, achieving higher filtration precision without significant pressure drop.

👉 Temperature Control

Since viscosity is temperature-dependent, maintaining optimal temperature is crucial. Higher temperatures typically reduce viscosity, improving flow rate and filtration efficiency.

👉 Filter Selection and Design

The filter material must be compatible with the fluid’s viscosity to avoid degradation or reduced performance. For high-viscosity products, specialised filters like those from HiFlux Filtration incorporate advanced materials or designs to handle increased pressure and fouling potential.

👉 HiFlux Filters are designed to manage various fluid viscosities by:

  1. Using durable, high-permeability materials that maintain structural integrity under high-pressure conditions.
  2. Implementing unique structural features to enhance flow dynamics and reduce fouling, even with high-viscosity fluids.

The viscosity of a product directly influences the efficiency, pressure requirements, and maintenance frequency of filtration processes. For high-viscosity fluids, specialised solutions like those from HiFlux Filtration A/S can optimise performance by addressing the specific challenges posed by increased resistance and fouling.

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