Put your Mouvex where your mouth is…

Put your MOUVEX® where your mouth is…

One of our available trial Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pumps is going out to performance test a ‘sticky’ corn syrup duty, for a heavy duty application where no flush can be fitted. The mechanical seals of a single shaft lobe pump would quickly fail upon continued use, but we’re confident eccentric disc technology is the answer to this longstanding problem!

Some advantages of eccentric disc technology include:

·Up to 90% product recovery.

·Low pulsation, gentle product handling.

·Seal-less design leading to low maintenance.


All leading to:

·Higher product yield.

·Energy savings.

·Water/CIP savings.

·Reduced total cost of ownership.


At Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd, we have a range of trial pumps available upon request, and would be more than happy to discuss any pain points in your process!

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