Servicing Success Story…

Servicing Success Story…

This service was carried out on a centrifugal pump that transfers toffee for popcorn kernels at final stage. Routine overhaul of this pump includes:

✓ Removed mechanical seals to check for wear, and plan future maintenance.
✓ Replaced front cover and impeller O-rings.
✓ Checked the all pump head clearances and torque fittings to manufacturer set levels.

Having also recently upgraded the pictured LKH pump from single mechanical seal to double flushed arrangement, the results have been outstanding with huge savings in mechanical seal kits/production downtime!

The double flushed arrangement on this LKH pump uses a water flush to keep the mechanical seal faces lubricated during operation, therefore reducing the amount of wear on seal faces for a long period of time. It was particularly useful for our customer, as previously the product had been drying and crystallising on the surface of the mechanical seals, causing the seals to crack/shatter upon starting the pump. This has resulted in further loss of product and downtime due to maintenance required to rectify the issues on a weekly basis.

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