SRU1 Rotary Lobe Pump Servicing Showcase

A healthcare company approached us after an SRU1 pump started making knocking sounds and ultimately ceased up so that it couldn’t run anymore.
The pump was returned to ITS for a full check up and service. It was found that an obstruction between the lobes had caused the torque lock assembly to slip and so the lobes were out of timing with each other.
After discussions with the customer it was established that the hot water flush may have exceeded the 70°c temperature rating of the rotors and thermal expansion, therefore causing the lobes to cease.
We polished out the casing and cover to ensure any areas which had scored or picked up on the lobes were smoothed out to prevent future damage, and the rotors were replaced with 130°c rated lobes to make sure this wouldn’t happen again in the future.
Another job well done by the servicing team at Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd!
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