Welcome to Oni, our new eCommerce & Marketing Apprentice

Meet Oni Robinson – Our new eCommerce and Marketing Apprentice!

Oni has a background in retail and customer service and has come to Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd to gain skills in Marketing and Online Sales.

Good communication plays a key role in Oni’s life with intermediate Spanish under her belt and currently learning basic ASL & BSL sign language.

An advocate for justice, equality, peace, sustainability, and mental health, Oni also takes part in charitable work, having helped build homes in Tijuana Mexico with’ Building Hope Foundation’ and raised money via sponsors partaking in a 5 mile hike and using entrepreneur skills setting up stalls to sell baked goods.

Oni is a Junior Designer with a creative interest in art/interiors and graphics, happy to step outside of her comfort zone to learn new skills and open doors to new opportunities.

Outside of her professional interests Oni also enjoys poetry and a diverse range of music, baking, cosmetics and fashion.

Welcome to the ITS Team Oni! 😃