Why choose the Bornemann SLH-4G Twin Screw Pump?

Why choose the Bornemann SLH-4G Twin Screw Pump?
With an extremely low total cost of ownership, twin screw pumps are a prime choice for hygienic fluid handling in food, beverage, personal care and other high purity industries.
The Bornemann SLH twin screw pumps are self-priming, positive displacement pumps that give the ability to pump product duties with high viscosities, high pressures, particulates that need to be kept intact, or shear sensitive medias in universal or aseptic processes and applications.
Unlike other positive displacement pump technologies on the market, the Bornemann SLH series also provides a 2 in 1 solution by doubling up as a CIP supply pump.
Operating at a wide range of speeds and providing flexibility for many different processing conditions, the SLH-4G Twin Screw Pump from Bornemann is a reliable, dual purpose solution with a number of customisable features and options including:
• Aseptic application (EHEDG EL type Aseptic certified)
• Customised flanges
• Heating / cooling jacket on pump casing
• Wear protection options
• Higher surface finishes available
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