Why choose the DuraCirc Pump?

Manufacturers in the food, beverage, dairy, confectionary and home-personal care industries, know all too well the challenges of finding a pump that performs, and offers a hygienic design on top the the ability to service and maintain it easily. This is why Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd are please to have the no sacrifice Alfa Laval DuraCirc® Circumferential Piston Pump available as part of our pump solutions.

No More Compromises

The revolutionary Alfa Laval DuraCirc® is the first circumferential piston pump that delivers the perfect balance of durability, reliability, high efficiency and superior hygienic performance. Combined with a broad range of flow rates and pressures along with capabilities for simple service, DuraCirc® keeps your processes running efficiently. This best in class pump offers:

•Optimised for high volumetric efficiency, ensuring cost-effective pump selection and high product quality

•Hygienic design compliant with global standards, including EHEDG and 3-A

•Reliable, long-term operation thanks to durable, robust, heavy-duty, all-stainless steel construction

•Easy to service and maintain with fully interchangeable spare parts

•High process flexibility and reduced capital costs due to the broad range of model sizes, flow rates and pressures

It’s all in the detail

The Alfa Laval DuraCirc® circumferential piston pump (CPP) delivers it all – high volumetric efficiency, EHEDG and 3-A conformance, and quick and easy service.

The DuraCirc® construction features two rotors, housed within a pumping chamber, known as a rotorcase, with each rotor located on a shaft held rigidly within a gearcase. The two rotors are timed via timing gears in the gearcase, which along with shimming, ensures no rotor or rotor case contact. Rotor/shaft drive is typically provided via geared electric motor.

Due to the close internal running clearance within the pumping chamber, the rotation of the rotors continuously generates a partial vacuum in the suction port of the pump as the rotors unmesh. This results in a localised pressure drop, which allows fluid to enter the pump. The fluid is then transported around the channel by the rotor wings; the pressure generated as the rotor wings re-mesh forces the fluid out of the discharge port of the pump.

Supreme Performance

Designed with close pump head clearances, the DuraCirc® CPP pump maximizes volumetric efficiency and process yield. Thirteen models offer a wide performance envelope with a flow rate capability up to 150 m3/hr (660 gpm) and operating pressures up to 40 bar (580 psi). This makes optimal pump sizing and selection easy, thereby reducing capital costs and increasing process flexibility.

 Based on a robust, reliable design, DuraCirc® features include:

•Advanced port and pump-head geometry, providing a very low NPSHr characteristic. This significantly reduces cavitation risk and maintains pump and media integrity whilst increasing process flexibility in challenging applications

•Long-life, heavy-duty bearings, supporting rigid shafts located in a solid stainless steel gearcase, which reduce shaft movement and allow close pump-head clearances. This minimises pump-head contact and ensures process uptime

•A modular seal design, which makes seal conversion easy without requiring re-machining or additional flush housings, should the process application change

•An optional retrofit port, the DuraCirc® Uni-Fit, enabling easy, direct replacement of existing circumferential piston pumps from both Alfa Laval and other brands, without requiring pipework modification in existing process systems

Superior Hygiene

The all-stainless-steel DuraCirc® is certified to meet global standards for hygienic design, including EHEDG and 3-A. In contrast to many other circumferential piston pump brands, the DuraCirc® provides both excellent cleanability and high volumetric efficiency.

 Features that reduce the risk of contamination include:

•Profiled, product-wetted elastomers that are FDA-compliant and have a defined compression, thereby eliminating crevices and dead zones

•A robust gearcase with optimally positioned heavy-duty bearings that support large diameter shafts, which minimise pump-head contact, thereby reducing the risk of media contamination

•An all-stainless steel construction suitable for hygienic washdown, ensuring a cleaner environment

•Long-lasting, FDA-compliant gearbox lubricant

•Optimised seal design with faces fully immersed in the pumped media for higher cleaning efficiency

Simpler Service

Increase process uptime and make service faster and easier with innovative DuraCirc® design features. Perform standard maintenance procedures quickly and simply, without requiring gearbox disassembly, component re-work, or complex pump re-build procedures.

Features include:

 •A truly front-loading, self-setting, single mechanical seal for fast, in-situ seal replacement, without having to remove the pump from the process line

•Quick, easy replacement of rotors or rotor case in the unlikely event replacement is required

•Easy-to-access, external shimming outside the rotorcase instead of inside the gearbox

•Fully interchangeable spare parts

•Long-life bearings, offering tens of thousands of hours of operation

•A single, long-life, FDA-approved gearbox lubricant with an extended 3,000-hour change interval

The pump for you…

For a cost-effective pump selection offering a broad application scope, the range consists of 13 models, capable of flow rates up to 150 m3/hr (660 gpm) and pressures of 40 bar (580 psi).

Simplify service in terms of complexity and time with user-friendly features including a truly front-loading, self-setting single mechanical seal, use of a single long-life oil lubricant, and external shimming.

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