About Us

Industrial Trading Solutions (ITS) was founded in 2002 by a team of Alfa Laval employees, following the decision by Alfa Laval to move into “External Distribution” rather than follow their previous “Owned Distribution Model”.

Originally formed as a principle Alfa Laval Distributor in the UK, we began supplying the British market with high-quality flow equipment products to facilitate the needs of the Dairy, Food, Brewery, Soft Drink, Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharm industries.
In 2013, we developed from principle distributor to Alfa Laval UK Master Distributor, allowing us to sell our products at further discounted prices, whilst also offering technical support and a 24hr direct online service from the Alfa Laval European Central Distribution Centre in Denmark.

Our Team

Our company is based in Coleshill, Birmingham, where we have a large warehouse storing our extensive selection of products that can be shipped out for next day delivery. We have a team of eight internal employees who work in the warehouse and office and three external area sales managers. Of the team of eight who are based in Birmingham, we have four employees dedicated to sales, one dedicated to technical projects (sizing pumps and heat exchangers) and a management team of four directors. Our Managing Director Andrew Jeans was appointed to his current role in 2014.

Innovative Products

We deal with all of Alfa Laval’s flow equipment products and sell large quantities of Valves, Centrifugal Pumps, Heat Exchangers and Installation Material, as well as Automation, Spares, Brewing and Tank Equipment. Both from stock in Birmingham and from Alfa Laval’s European distribution centre in Kolding.

Working together with Alfa Laval, we have developed our market share in the UK through the introduction of new innovative market-driven products including:

  • Extended pump range from Alfa Laval’s market leading LKH Range, (Ultrapure, Multistage and SP) also the Solid C, MR, and the PD range of SRU, SX, and Optilobe pumps.
  • Valves & Automation- Unique Mixproof and Unique SSV range, Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, ThinkTops, IndiTops and the innovative new Unique Indication Unit for actuating and indication.
  • Plate heat exchangers,(Frontline, CB Units & T Series) spares and re-gasketing from Alfa Laval, together with the new PharmaX and Viscaline shell and tube ranges.
  • Tank equipment: a comprehensive offering of Manways, Agitators, Mixers, Tank Cleaning Heads (from Toftjorg) Rotocheck Systems, Spray Balls, Top Plates, individual combi pressure relief, anti-vac and regulating valves from Scandibrew, and sight glasses with sampling valves.
  • Installation material with fittings of all types (BS, IDF, DIN,SMS etc.) from Alfa Laval with the additional market leading pharma range with full 3A certification from Tri-Clover.

Industry Leading Brands

As we have developed through the years, we have increased our range of suppliers by adding new and innovative products and brands to compliment the Alfa Laval core flow equipment range. Our offerings include:

  • Modular pipework and valves for dry products and air filtration from KMH and ROS.
  • DEPA, AOD pumps and ELRO peristaltic pumps for specialised applications.
  • ITT Bornemann, the state of the art and innovative hygienic twin screw pump for gentle transfer of viscous products and then CIP & SIP cleaning – with the same pump.
  • Pipetite– the unique and individual self- sealing wall and ceiling boot with huge installation cost savings and much improved aesthetic finish when compared with traditional wall penetration solutions
  • Powder micro feeder- a new specialised market leading product from MCPI for dosing and filling of powders
  • Tank accessories (gauges, thermometers, transmitters, level switches, sight glasses)
  • Other manual and actuated valves.
  • Liag– piggable valve systems
  • Vak Kimsa– agitators and mixers

Find Out More

We pride ourselves on our extensive, high-quality stock and exceptional standards of customer service. Take a look through our website for more information about our product lines. For a free quote, or to place an order, give our sales team a call on 01675 465 191.

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