How does it work? The Alfa Laval DuraCirc®CPP Pump from ITS

Designed with close pump head clearances, the Alfa Laval DuraCirc® Circumferential Piston Pump maximises volumetric efficiency and process yield. It has excellent cleanability which increases process uptime and makes servicing faster and easier than ever before.
The DuraCirc® construction features two rotors, housed within a pumping chamber, known as a rotorcase, with each rotor located on a shaft held rigidly within a gearcase. The two rotors are timed via timing gears in the gearcase, which along with shimming, ensures no rotor or rotor case contact. Rotor/shaft drive is typically provided via a geared electric motor.
Due to the close internal running clearance within the pumping chamber, the rotation of the rotors continuously generates a partial vacuum in the suction port of the pump as the rotors unmesh. This results in a localised pressure drop, which allows fluid to enter the pump. The fluid is then transported around the channel by the rotor wings; the pressure generated as the rotor wings re-mesh forces the fluid out of the discharge port of the pump.
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