Case study: VenAir helps a major alcohol company avoid leaks and retentions…

How did the project come about?

A dairy company that produce alcohol liquids contacted VenAir because the fittings in their hoses were producing leaks all over and they had a lot of flavour carrying out from one product to another.

The company used the same machine for different products, which meant that for a few hours it would run one product. It would be cleaned properly and then another product would pass through. The fact that the fittings were not well connected meant that the products were mixed at the end and it was not completely clean.

Challenge faced:

VenAir found itself in the situation where it had to find a solution that would withstand the alcohol pass and allow a good connection so as not to lose any liquid.

Solutions implemented:

The solution offered to the customer was our product Vena® Sil 650/V crimped with clamp fittings that avoid leaks.

It’s especially recommended for the transport of liquid or semi-liquids in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It offers an extremely broad field of applications. The design ensures a balance between strength and lightness, making it easy to handle. Can be used in filling machines with repetitive movements and when a small bend radius is required. Can work by impulsion (pressure) or suction (vacuum).

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