Eilersen Weighing Solutions For Clean Environments – From ITS

For production processes in the food, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries, Industrial Trading Solutions Ltd offers Eilersen, the optimal hygienic solutions for ensuring high accuracy weight measurement in your processes. Furthermore, our reliable weighing solutions will ensure maximum uptime in your production.

Our hygienic digital weighing solutions are often used for tank and hopper weighing in mixing, batching, filling, dosing, and gravimetric level applications.

Weighing for clean environments

Digital load cells and weighing indicators from Eilersen are produced in stainless steel, laser welded, and hermetically sealed to IP68. This makes them fast and easy to clean, no matter how you clean your production facilities. Eilersen load cells don’t need mechanical mounting kits which means you avoid bacteria traps.

Minimal maintenance, high ROI

The basic idea behind our weighing solutions for hygienic environments is ‘install and forget’.Our load cells and instrumentation require no maintenance and are of highest quality so that they often operate for decades, giving you the highest return on your investment.

Among the advantages of Eilersen hygienic weighing solutions are:

  • Eilersen load cells tolerate up to 1000% overload.
  • All Eilersen load cells tolerate welding.
  • The patented digital technology features true plug-and-play electrical installation as Eilersen load cells are factory calibrated, minimising commissioning costs. Our pre-calibration ensures the highest accuracy and quality standard on the market.
  • Eilersen digital load cells can be equipped with up to 100 meters cable length. The cable can be mounted and changed on-site, and the cable length has no influence on the load cell calibration.

Advantages of Capacitive Digital Load Cells

Compared to conventional strain gauge technology – or other technologies used in transducers for measuring force and weight – Eilersen load cells offer significant benefits, especially in applications that experience overload, torsion or sideloads.

Minimal deflection

  • A minimal deflection characterises Eilersen load cells at rated capacity (less than 0.10 mm), a significant advantage in, e.g., dynamic weighing applications where a fast response is essential or process vessel installations where influence from process tubing is minimised.

Exceptional accuracy and stability

  • The high sensitivity of the Eilersen load cells, is the basis for the high resolution of the Eilersen load cells.

Load cells are supplied pre-calibrated

  • A built-in memory stores the calibration of the load cell, and usually, no adjustment is required either at commissioning or in the event you need to replace a load cell. The Eilersen load cells contain no moving parts and are not assembled with glue or bonding, which can age or become brittle at low temperatures. This guarantees maintenance-free use under the most challenging environmental conditions for long periods of time.

No-maintenance weighing system

  • Field-wiring small connections in complex arrangements is a thing of the past. Our capacitive load cells require no maintenance, as there are no mounting and protection devices to adjust and keep clean and no fuses, gaskets, bearings, etc., to change. Thanks to the intelligent measurement principle, a permanent self-check is possible with simple means. Eilersen digital load cells will send an error code for fast and easy troubleshooting if a cable is damaged. Thanks to the intelligent measurement principle, a permanent self-check is possible with simple means.

Extremely robust and reliable

  • Eilersen load cells can handle significant overload, and sideload. Since the capacitive sensor does not contact the elastic element, it is not subject to overload or sideload forces. In addition, you do not need any mounting kits or external guide rods to protect the load cell.

Exceptional hygienic design

  • Installing Eilersen load cells will minimize potential entrapment areas and maximize ease of cleaning. All hygienic load cells, including the CL, CM, DLC, DCM, BL, and HBL series, are electropolished before shipment.

Hygienic weighing solutions for food, pharma, and biotech

Eilersen offers a wide range of hygienic weighing solutions for the food, pharma, and biotech industries.

Our compression load cells are ideal for hygienic tank weighing as they offer a simple and hygienic weighing solution

For small hoppers and mobile totes and carts, our stainless-steel beam load cells is the preferred choice.

Our load cells are available with both interface modules for direct connection to PLC/control systems and weighing terminals for local indication and process control.

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