Eilersen Weighing Solutions that last the test of time – From ITS


Eilersen delivered this load cell in 1998! For 25 years, the load cell has been doing its job on a pig transport truck. When the pig truck was outdated and scrapped, the owner removed the load cells, and since then, a pig farmer has used the load cell for control, weighing the pigs before delivery. 🐷

Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S received the load cell for service, and despite it having received some bruises on the outside, the load cell span had to be adjusted by less than 0,05% – Eilersen serviced the load cell with a new calibration and cable…

Eilersen prioritises product reliability and accuracy because it is essential that weighing solutions can be trusted for a long time. We often see products that have been working for more than 20 or 30 years which is testament to this ethos.

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